How to 'fly' around with Hurricane Kick

With Ken, Akuma and Ryu’s hurricane kick, I have seen them jump-hurricane kick and use it to travel from one end of the screen to the other.
They jump abnormally high, and hurricane kick their way to the other side.
For example, I had them cornered to the wall and they used this to fly to the other side.
I tried many times to perform this, but I never managed to jump any where as high as I need to travel far enough.
Is there a way to jump extra high? Or some way to do this flying hurricane kick?


what he said ^^

Thanks, but I can’t control how much I move forward, most of the time I just fly a little bit forward or straight up.

That’s what happens when you input :qcb::u::k:.

Does it make a difference which strength kick I use? Weak, medium, heavy.

In alpha 3 it does yes. Might so in a2 as well but I dont recall…

also acctualy you know in most older games(not cvs2 and stuff)you can acctauly just Up foward, then hurricane kick to get it. Its not as percise as it is in newer games to get the rainbowish effect on it. So the whole hurricane kick SPD motion is only really needed in newer games where its not as leigent on timeing at least that I find shruuuuuug.