How to get better at 3rd Strike

I’ve been playing on GGPO for a couple of months, but I can’t win
Out of the thousands of matches I’ve played I’ve won about 50, and those were only against complete beginners or when I lose my mind and start mashing jabs and shorts to stop blockstrings

3rd is one of those games where I don’t think practice makes perfect
I need help

Also, who is the absolute easiest character in the game to use?
I think that’s where I’ll restart

Ken or Chun for starter characters. When you have a feel for their normals and how to play their footsie game you should start learning their hitconfirms. When you have hitconfirms down so you can do it and not fuck up 10/10 times, just go play more matches.

3s is a game where experience makes perfect. Your 1000 matches doesn’t add up to shit against someone who’s been playing for 10 years, just saying.

When you truly get comfortable playing any FG in general you’ll start breaking people down, watch for their reactions in certain situations and respond accordingly, recognize playstyles if someone is loose or more of a turtle and adjust to them. Just try to play the player at all times.

I’ve been using Ken, and have the most trouble with Twelve
It’s insanely hard to catch him and when I do my pressure gets immediately stopped by jabs and shorts and then he easily gets out of the corner


Twelve is frustrating for lots of people. I know really good 3s players that will crumble against a decent Twelve player. It’s pretty rare to fight them. No matter who you’re playing as Twelve will probably always be awkward to beat.

I was in the same about until someone told me something similar. Safe to say I stopped playing lol. But I regret that. I don’t recommend you quit, keep at it.

have a spacing-oriented matchup-specific gameplan. dont just be doing stuff for no reason.

watch videos, and think about why players do the things they do (especially why they stand at a certain range and why they move). you should be able to spend a good half hour or more watching a single high-level match and trying to figure stuff out. ideally you want to watch players better than you but not so much better than you that most of the stuff they do isn’t relevant for your level of play/goes over your head. unfortunately it’s hard to find footage of lower-level players who still have some idea what they’re trying to do. maybe spectate + record some people on ggpo if you can? try the ffa ranbats on youtube, lots of kens there and while theyre way above your level theyre at least not godlike japanese players.

when you lose, think about why you lost

read the footsies handbook

this is really nonsense and needlessly discouraging to new players. obviously experience is important, but playing for 10 years doesn’t automatically make you good. put thought into your play both before, during and after the match and you’ll level up much faster. after a few thousand games he should be winning more than he is.

I started playing 3s on GGPO last week myself and the steamrolling doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. There are many helpful people willing to play, though. I decided to main Urien, so charge partitioning, charge buffering, and all the unblockable setups are pretty intimidating to learn, but I’m starting to plug away in “training mode” on Mame. I don’t even know how to approach learning how to parry at the moment.

Fuck this game is hard. I keep getting bodied by Ken and Ryu.

Gonna buy Third Strike Online? Pretty sure there’s parry training.

yeah, for sure.

Until then, I’ll grind it out everyday on GGPO

you may think this is stupid but how are you playing third strike online ?

parrying is difficult on ggpo :frowning:

give Ken a shot.

GGPO for PC.

It doesn’t automatically make you good, but two people that have been playing equal amounts, but one started a few years later than the other usually has a significant disadvantage in this game. 3S is really a game about experience, as there’s so much to learn. Getting good at Marvel 2 in a short period of time isn’t that difficult. Getting good at ST isn’t even as hard as 3S. I’m going to throw a hail mary out there and say that 3S is the most difficult SF game to play to date.

Playing 1000 matches in this game isn’t like 4, where you can play that much and be able to get wins. The sheer execution in this game is enough to say that cramming that shit in like that wont get you good. Getting your SGGKs, karas, charge partitions depending, etc… take a LONG FUCKING TIME to get them down well. On top of all that, you have to learn your SF basics for it. Footsies are COMPLETELY different than in other games mostly because of parrying.

is it free? if so can you link me ? :)!

Google is your friend.

Yeah it’s free just download it, open it up with winwar or winzip and register for an account.

well i have 3rd stike on my computer but i dunno if it has online :frowning:

You can get in trouble around this site for discussing ROMs and emulation, so I avoid it. I’ve already been perma banned once.