How to get better at MvC2?

I am insanely rusty, I play MSP, the only way I can ever win with that team is if I pull off Magneto’s infinite, if Mags dies, I lose, I can’t use storm at all

Try using storm as point and build your current team around her

or use cable instead of storm. you lose a safe DHC but you gain cable.

LOL i was ready to come in here and give the usual post towards newbs, about how forcing oneself to try to get good when first starting off is kinda silly, that one needs to play consistently a little everyday longterm, and with other players better than themselves, etc.

Then i saw the words, “MSP” and “Infinite” haha.

Ummm…In that case my only suggestion is to continue playing others who are better, and try to develop that “competitive” mindset.

Now i don’t mean the extremes, like treating every match as tournament level crap. Just be in the habit of always giving your best and to keep pushing yourself little by little to get win. Also put a tad pride in yourself for attaining that victory. Naturally over time these habits will force a little steady progress.

Also don’t get mad or frustrated. I know this is hard to do, but when you start getting pissed, it is time to put the game away and cool off. So many times in X-Box live sessions where i’d find myself getting pissed at the shameless tactics of others, and begin making needless mistakes, losing left & right to dumb crap. When i quit for a bit and came back later on my game was much better.

Last but not least, it sounds like a big part of your problem is you SUCK with the other two. Storm & Psylocke are damn good characters on their own, a good player can make a comeback w/o assist help. Psylock is sooooo fast! I’ve had characters start an instant super, and a psylock player was able to dash 1/3rd the screen up to me in the few frames before the super began, and launch me out of it.

Start learning them too and not just mags.