How to get better at teching throws?

I understand OS tech and all that nonsense, but how would you actually get better at teching them naturally? As we know, the top jap pros are practically psychic at doing this 80% of the time. What do you think? How often do you normally try to tech, OS tech, or even mash a dp out when you know you are being frame trapped when you are being pressured?

I think it is a matter of watching habits. Also the most common tactic is to do a throw after 2 attacks (jab jab throw ect.) or empty jump - throw.

For me, the hard part is watching for kara throws and for FADC - throws. Some characters have crazy long kara throws (like Ken) so you end up surprised.

Which other characters have FADC throws besides Sagat?Just wondering.

Really anyone can FADC a normal then throw if they time it right. I dunno who all has frame perfect setups but I’m sure there are a couple.

Oh ok,sry.I wasn’t thinking about FADC normals or special moves on block when I read FADC throws.
At first I thought FADC a move or a normal from far range without hitting the other player and Sagat’s FADC throw starts up from a range of almost 3 times as huge as Ken’s kara throw.

theorize all you want about it. the only way to get a real improvement is to play more so that you have experience in different situations against different types of opponents

The best way to get better at teching throws is to stop playing online.:encore:

The last two responses. Also, been discussed in many, many other threads.