How to get better at this game?

I’ve been playing on GGPO for a couple of months, but I can’t win
Out of the thousands of matches I’ve played I’ve won about 50, and those were only against complete beginners or when I lose my mind and start mashing jabs and shorts to stop blockstrings

This is one of those games where I don’t think practice makes perfect
I need help

Also, who is the absolute easiest character in the game to use?
I think that’s where I’ll restart

some of the people on GGPO have been playing for a long time, like 5-10 years. so yeah you’re not going win in two months, three months, twelve months and probably not even in twenty four months. Also a lot of people on GGPO lag abuse, they might not even know they’re doing it but it will lock you down pretty easily. Best character to learn with is probably Ryu imo.

#1: Don’t mash. Even on wakeup.

#2: When in doubt, don’t SRK it out, instead block and punish.

#3: Learn combos.

Pick Ken. Even if you suck at c.L links or c.MK link/late cancel then you still get high damage easy mode target combos at close range and a LP DP when you’re scared. You also have an EX DP and one frame invincible super if you’re really scared. Easiest character to just go and do shit with. Chun Li is solid if you want to learn the game but you’re going to lose to random Kens, Akumas and Ryus doing stuff until you actually learn the character. Throwing around high priority pokes is nice but unless you actually learn the character you’re just going to get blown up by random shit from the shotos.

  • watch videos (you learn combos and pick up a certain play style)
  • aim to learn 1 chracter and try to mimic your favourite player (I picked Urien and watched a shit ton of RX/Messatsu/Pierre/Senaka videos and I tried to play as Messatsu since he had the most entertaining and unpractical urien lol)
  • practise in training mode (since you play on PC, download the DC emulator and legitimate backup copy of the 3S rom since you have the 3S copy of course and practise the shit out of your character)

yeaa everyone mashes and does random shit when they lose they’re mind. everyone plays on tilt in the beginning, but its a habit you’ll eventually get over. but i do agree with DevilJin, pick Ken. He’s a great beginner character with awesome normals and high dmg simple combos. Watch Kashi play, his Ken is like on speed, with a raging boner. he loves to rape, and when he does it’s pretty fast.

Just play whoever you want, and then learn as much as you can about that character. Watch vids, practice combos, figure out what beats what, so on and so forth.

If you’re REALLY having trouble deciding a character though, I’d say start with Ryu. He’s not as versatile as Ken, but he hits harder with a little less effort and still has decent tools to work with. He doesn’t need to worry too much about meter management as much as Ken, he has basic and pretty easy hitconfirms, and will be able to punish stuff almost as well as Ken. Having a good karathrow also helps out. Ken is obviously better, but I’d say Ryu is more newb-friendly.

and you never want to forget this one:

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The fuck? Couldn’t you just write “1 year” or “2 years”?

Also, how are you going to tell a dude he wont even get a win in 2 years?

Learn Ryu for what? Just pick up Ken and get your footsies and kara throws down. In all truth though, pick whoever you want to use.

Well the OP was talking about time frames in “months” so I stuck with it. But does it really matter if I use “months” or “years”, is me writing “twenty four months” too hard for you understand, too much for you read? I don’t get it and don’t see how it’s worth mentioning. And I don’t agree with using “numbers” in sentences either. So I definitely wouldn’t of used “2” years.

I never said he won’t get a win in “two” years. He said himself he’s been beating new players so he’s already been getting some wins, the problem is he can’t beat “good” players. Now another problem is, some of these good players have been playing for a very long time, like even a decade for some of them. Point blank he probably definitely isn’t going to be beating these players not even in TWO YEARS unless he practices everyday and plays with very good players. That’s just the truth.

Ryu has easier footsies than Ken, less complex moves, easier cancels etc etc yadda yada. He asked the best character to learn the game with, IMO it’s RYU. Just my IMO of course, don’t like it then that’s your opinion. Tbh though there is no reason to Learn the game with Ken, I believe KEN can teach bad habits unless you know what you’re doing. As his LP.SRK is semi-spammable and beats a lot of shit, new players could be delaying their progresses with such crutches. They might decide to fall on it for punishes and avoiding opponents footsie play instead of learning the game proper. And unless you’re proficient at super cancelling (which most new players aren’t), then his poke is not going to serve much purpose for a new player, except for ex fireballs.

Where are Ryus can easily be used for tatsus which = knockdown into mixups and also red fireballs. Ryu also has in general more new player frinedly normals, such as his overhead, his jumping mp, his close mk (knee), his EX tatsu is also “MOSTLY” safe on block, especially if opponent doesn’t have meter. Just a much better character for new players IMO.

Ok, the terminology thing was just a pet peeve of mine, no big deal. I hate it when people make things sound more complex than they have to.

As for the Ryu vs. Ken stuff, well played. I agree with that stuff, however, I still more-strongly believe that you should pick a character you like and stick with them through and through. Watch videos, study your frames, ask advice, show videos of yourself playing, and pinpoint your errors.

As for the other thing…

That’s not how that sounds. Not going to win a lot might have sounded better… but I was once a newbie to fighters (as we all were), and you have somebody telling you that you’re not going to win for 2 years is some serious bullshit and can easily be taken the wrong way, especially if OP has a weaker self-esteem. You look at people like Mixup, Neo, and Yipes that played Marvel 2 for a few months and were suddenly top 8 at Evolution, or SnakeEyez in HDR coming out of nowhere with a pad Gief and beating the best ST players in the world. You CAN get wins on good players… shit, my first day at MvC2 in Chinatown Fair, I beat Sanford… It’s luck, and you get that sometimes.

Well you know it’s just the truth. 3S is a old game, and to start learning it now, these people are way behind the curve. I don’t want to demoralize, in fact I was trying to do the opposite. The way I see it, he’s probably playing good players and thinking “hey I really fucking suck I can’t even win one game against this guy and I"ve been playing for two months” Well I’m just explaining to him the guy you’re playing agianst probably plays the game every day for the last five years.

3S is not like SF4 or even ST, time invested into a character means a lot in this game. A five year old ken vs a two year old ken, the player with two years of expereince has to be very talented to win, especially online where lag also plays a important factor on what is and is not possible. The OGs on GGPO, they don’t just know a lot about the game, but they also know a lot about the lag in the game, it’s a different dimension of understanding that is required to be good on GGPO and win games. My advice to new players, just play the game and enjoy it, learn what you can from the good players and don’t care when you lose.

I like Ken for learning the game because he has just enough basic attributes that make him easy to play while having enough advanced things you can learn later on. You shouldn’t want to play a character that doesn’t have any advanced tools in the shed. If you want to practice hit confirming into super you can always start practicing with Ken’s c.MP because that gives you all day to land super. Then when you’re ready you can move on to c.MK, c.LKx2 or 3 and b+MK. The game will also have a turtorial section for each character so any of the advanced tools that Ken presents you will most likely be able to learn in the game now and then when you’re ready present them to the opponent later on. It’s not 2006 where you pretty much have to learn on your own.

If you prefer Ryu’s play style over Ken’s then I can see using Ryu but you might as well play a character that has access to a little bit of everything you have to learn at high level play. The only thing Ryu has over Ken that you can learn to get you to understand the game is kara throws. Otherwise with practice you can easily get Ken down and he already has a lot of tools to cover situations. Just play less scrubby than the other Kens and nothing can go wrong really.

I dunno, you can’t just be given a real sword and expect to learn how to be good with it as quickly as someone who practiced with a wooden sword first and progressed into the real deal. Familiarizing yourself with a simple character like Ryu first will help you understand the game better during the beginning stages of 3S, not to mention it will make you appreciate Ken a lot more as you get to the intermediate stages of your play.

That’s what I think anyway, but ultimately it’s up to the player to choose so whatever.

I don’t think there’s any advantage to using Ryu to start with as opposed to Ken.

If learning how 3S works is the only interest I think Ken is a good starting point. But that’s assuming you have 0 personality and no opinion about what’s fun or who’s cool. Don’t approach it like work. Pick someone you think is cool with inputs and supers you are comfortable doing. You’ll learn a lot more using a character you think is fun than one you’re just using to ‘learn the game’.

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Just play the characters and pick the one you like best regardless of tier/ perceived “easyness.” If you still like them a lot after learning what the character is all about, you have a main. If they happen to be top tier or upper tier then you are fortunate.

Then later on you can fiddle around with learning other confirms and combos for characters you may not know how to play to bolster your general knowledge of the game and test your execution. Eventually you’ll pick up multiple characters, but that will likely take some time.

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i second this

pick someone you think is a cool character or someone that you gravitate towards naturally in terms of character design regardless of how difficult they are to learn . Character love will get you to level up much faster and really motivate you to get over these types of mental blocks rather than picking a character based on their ingame attributes or how easy they are to learn . Imo you don’t really learn characters anyway , you just use the characters as a medium through which you can learn the game and display your skill . So if you are losing it’s not because of your character .