How to get "better", for lack of better words

Basically, I’m stuck. And I imagine this is probably a common situation for beginner-intermediate level players. Honestly, I feel like I just am having a hard time getting any better. Maybe it’s the fact that I like to mess around with a good majority of the cast, but lately I’ve been really trying to limit myself to only playing Vega. Really though, I feel like I understand a good majority of what it takes to be a good/advanced player, I’ve just been having an extreme amount of difficulty actually getting to that point. Maybe I just need to play more? I dunno. I’m just looking for some insight, hopefully from anyone who’s ever felt “stuck” in terms of their progress.

Watch the videos in the stickies. That helps.

Read all the stickies, for starters. Secondly, try and figure out why you’re not getting any better. Maybe you just haven’t really taken it that seriously, and you need to begin really training and striving to improve. It’s one thing to just play a bunch of games online, it’s another thing to figure out your strengths and weaknesses as a player, and coming up with a training regime and playstyle that favors you.

Of course, playing more matches always help. It’s important to take some time between your matches and really try to figure out why you won or why you lost. Once you figure out the finer details of your playstyle can you really begin to improve. Out of curiosity, what do you think it takes to be a good/advanced player?

Has happened to me numerous times and I have been playing nearly 7 years.

Things that have helped are…

-Ask more experienced players for critiques
-Watch more match videos
-When you watch videos, study them like homework. Challenge yourself to understand the players choices and reactions.
-Record your own matches and rewatch them
-Try to recognize and prioritize specific things you need to improve in and focus casuals sessions on those things. Don’t get lazy and say “defense.” Are you bad at teching? Do you anti air consistently? Do you punish everytime you have an opportunity? Do you react to overheads consistently?
-Always MORE training mode

And I feel like in my first couple years a lot of the time I spent not on my main didn’t really help me much, but thats just me.

Like pherai said, watch your replays back so you can identify how you react to certain situations (good and bad) and what aspects of your game you can improve. Once you know what needs improvement (e.g. anti-airs, FADCing), try practicing it in training mode or applying it to a live match (endless, not ranked).

sometimes improvement is a series of progressions. takes time. everything u need is on the net and you have to learn from the information available. many beasts on this website that know what theyre talking about and someone mentioned stickies. u need to read up. go to your characters’ forum too. read the stickies there.

like i said, it takes time but reading up cannot do anything bad. learn how to apply the information and ideas you pick up here in your fights. evaluate yourself. watch your replays, wins and losses. ask yourself why did u lose and what couldve been done to prevent.

but just reading up and knowing matchups isnt all there is to the game. coordination and muscle memory. u need to be able to execute damn near flawlessly because you can take a lot of damage from the smallest mistakes on your controller/stick. i find myself messing up plenty of things that can be devastating in a round.

I say if you like Vega, stick to Vega. imo people that are somewhat new to fighters on a competitive level should stick to one main, until you get comfortable with switching and basically starting all over with a different set of normals/combos/setups etc etc… I know what its like to feel “stuck”…I reached a point at the end of last year, where I almost hated SFIV due to my plateauing, but the replys above me are correct, it takes TIME, to get “better”…theres always something you cant do that players ranked higher than yourself can and are doing…theres always a setup to practice, or a link to learn, anything that can be added to your game that you dont do right now, that can help you squeeze out that extra damage, or to get that one more mixup off a knockdown that can be the difference in a win or a loss…just go study and work hard to apply these things in your gameplay.

What helped me get better recently in AE is after a match where I missed a chance to do a big punish after an opponent whiffed a move is go into training mode and record the dummy doing the whiffed move, and spend a good 30 minutes doing different punishes depending on different ranges

What helps me is getting familiar with all characters by using them, so when I fight them, I have an idea of what they’d want to do. You don’t have to be pro with everyone, though that would be nice, but be able to recognize mistakes an opponent is doing.

If an Akuma for instance seems to be completely random, how can you learn from him? You have the best ken in the world but if you can’t play basic akuma then you’ll still lose hard.
If you know all the game mechanics and and all the characters, you can start adding in more tricks to your book, things to look out for. The high skill you get, the better your opponents, so you need to adapt to what they can do, not just learn new combos.

Intermediate means you’re still filling in holes in your gameplay, so every match should be a new learning experience. My goal is to be at least C with most characters, thats just my philosophy.

I dunno if I really agree with this. Some of the characters I’m strongest against I can’t really play as. Especially characters who require so much execution work who would require dozens of hours in training mode before even taking them out for casuals.

It still helps, at least to know what they’ll usually go for… Their setups, frametraps, etc. You don’t have to do super fancy combos, just understand the style or “feel” behind them. :slight_smile:

Can you do Vega’s combos consistently? I mean ->, cr.lp ->, cl.hp ->, -> flip kick, etcetera. Can you kara throw consistently? If not, there’s a straightforward way to improve.