How to get better with ultra 2?

im having a very difficult time landing ultra 2, how do you master catching people throwing fireballs in that range and hitting them with ultra 2, i mean i can[t do it for the life of me, also trying to get people with good backdashes with it example. rose, chun li etc i need help id like to get good with ultra 2 so i dont have to rely on ultra 1 all the time, if you guys have any tips or tricks please share would greatly appreciate it

Practice mode. Plus actually knowing when the opponent with fireball, its much easier to react when you expect it.

OS their backdash.

can u please go over how to os it?

input a move (say and buffer the ultra motion while the move is active. if it hits will simply hit without ultra coming out, but if it whiffs (if they backdash, teleport, invincible move etc) u2 will come out. requires a bit of trainign but isn’t too hard. you can also use other moves like, c.lp, etc but some might be too slow while others are special cancelable and therefore have a high chance of accidently doing an ex cu cancelinstead, if the normal hits/is blocked. a throw works aswell.
you can do the same with special moves like lk and mk ruffian. works quite alike.