How to get better?


Hey guys, I know how good some of you guys are around here, so I guess this would be the best place to post. Now, I got Super Street Fighter IV (My first ever, well, unless you count the SF you played at the arcade when you were like 4? :P). So yeah, I’ve been trying out a things, and I can get to about Trial 10 for ever single character, BUT, the thing is. I can’t pull ANY of these combo’s off in a match, AND my blocking sucks :frowning: Its like a match is a complete different game for me, I just forget everything I have learnt. Does anyone have any tips as to how to play the game well and be successful? ATM I find myself a nooby Ken shoryuken spammer (I know, I’m bad, but I don’t know anything else :() I have experimented with Sagat and had varied success with him, although I am not good at using his first ultra. I am using a standard 360 pad, if anyone is willing to help me out and give me a few tips, I would REALLY appreciate it :slight_smile:


First of all welcome to SRK and well Im going to tell you what have helped me, because Im a beginner too but the first thing is, to find a character that you like and you are comfortable playing whit when that’s out of the way, you really need new game pad the xbox 360 controller pad doesn’t work properly to play SSF4 in my opinion, if you can get a madcatz pad or an acade stick (witch takes some getting use to) you are going to do better at the game, and just watch videos of ppl fighting whit the character that you like so that you can get some ideas on the moves, cancels and so on well I hope this helps you but the bottom line is PRACTICE that’s the way to get better.:tup:


Yup, practice is the way forward. I can’t really afford a FightPad or Arcade Stick at this moment in time, might have to try and get a free one from somewhere. This sounds kind of weird but although I can’t do ANY combos with Akuma, I can execute his first ultra without ANY difficulty at all, I can do it first time every time :stuck_out_tongue: I would love to get good with him, but his health kinda sucks :frowning: So he wouldn’t really be good for me. I’ll stick with my man Sagat for now :slight_smile:


And make friends with better players get a few casuals in they will improve your game alot :slight_smile:


This. Anyone I meet that is good or better than me with a character I have a bd match up with I friend immediately and get games in with. The only way you get better is to play people that are better than you until you can beat them consistently… and then you repeat the process


I had the same issue when I was first learning, and I think many people do. How I got round it was to concentrate on only one combo at a time, practice it over and over in training mode until I could do it without thinking every time, then go to arcade mode and try and pull it off against the cpu when you get the opportunity - and when you manage that a few times, then try and pull it off online, really think about it and look for opening where you can do it - and don’t rush the timing, which is something that can happen when you’re playing against another person. Then you will pull off the combo eventually, and then it becomes more consistent to the point you can do it without thinking - then go back to training mode and start learning another combo =).


Thanks for the advice dude, really appreciated. Anyone willing to do a few sparring session with me? Wouldn’t mind getting my hind whooped a few times if it means I get better? :slight_smile: But hey, practiced my ass off yesterday and got to Trial 18 with Sagat, 18 with M.Bison and 21 with T.Hawk, kinda pleased with myself :slight_smile:


Try to learn three combos; your combo landed off pressuring your opponent by being in front of him, your punish combo for an opponent mistake on the fly, and your punish combo for when your opponent really screws up.

And I guess the last tip is don’t panic. When in doubt just block, getting thrown will show you where you could have teched in a string. Some reactions are inexcusable even for a new player.


Get a pencil and paper and pick one or two of your losing replays. Thoroughly watch each one and analyze it. Find out what stuff worked, what stuff got you hit, and try to figure out why you lost.

If you honestly cannot find any flaws in your loss, then consult other people, post in critique threads, etc.


First, you start with the chalenge. Learn how to link moves successfully. After you know how to do the moves, play against better players online, learn what others are doing. For the most part, they all play the same way and you will be able to get the upper hand in a couple of months.

Don’t forget, the most important thing is to read your opponent. If you know what he will do next and you know your character, you will have the upper hand almost every times.


I beg to differ… the madcatz controller is simply horrible, it doesn’t even match the Nuby one on PS2 (even if the pad was cheaply made, at least it was good). Hadouken motion don’t land 15% of the time and makes me lose precious momentum moment with Fuerte mind game on wake up.

IMO, you need to use a joystick and not a D-pad if you want to be successful. You will never miss a Hadouken, a SRK, a Super or an Ultra with a joystick (with practice). For that, the best controller I can advice you to own is a Dualshock 2 or 3, but since you are using an xbox 360, I really don’t know what to say. The drawback is that you don’t have the 6 buttons on your pad like the Sega Genesis controller (which is the best controller for playing SF).

Your other option, if you really invest time into it, is using a fightstick right from the beginning. Get a cheap Hori stick and start practicing. I am warning you still, it will be hard >:P


the 360 controller is absolutely fine, there is nothing you can’t execute on it with comparable difficulty to a stick. However you need to use the stick on the 360 controller and not the pad because the pad is unreliable.

The best 360 button setup in my opinion-

X-med punch

Y-hard punch.

left bumper- light punch

left trigger- punchesx3

A-med kick

B- hard kick

right bumper- light kick

right trigger- kicksx3

First thing you should do is master the trickier fundamental mechanics.

Practise dashing on the stick, dashes are incredibly useful you should not have to think about executing them.

Focus attack dashes are correctly executed by

med Punch+ med kick+ direction

then repeat the direction to dash.

If you press the punch and kick then double dash you won’t execute them fast enough.

Make sure you can reliably execute ryu’s light shoryuken- focus attack dash cancel- metsu hadouken. This execution is usefull for a lot of characters.

Learn the difference between cancels and links. This will allow you to plan executions in your head and understand why when you shoryuken in training mode shoryureppa keeps coming out on the end. (Its because you are mashing rotations and punch buttons!)

Play a charge char and rotation char regularly so you understand their play fundamentals.Ryu and Bison are both easy to learn.

Do char trials. Don’t get annoyed if you can’t do C.Vipers 20-25 right away it will come with time and seem easy when you look back on it!


It just takes time. lots and lots of time. but I’d say the most important thing to do is block and get used to this, it can’t hurt you if done correctly. perhaps try out a charge character like guile or balrog to get used to blocking since you have a tendency to hold back more. Since your a ken player I would strongly recommend not doing Shoryukens on wake up, I love to bait noobs into doing that and then punish them; so just get up normally unless you see the other character jumping in late, then punish them with the shoryuken. Seriously, if you just do that you will be a much better player, automatically will make your life a lot easier.


Well, after some practice today, I think I’m going to adapt Cody as my new character, I’ve been having a LOT of success with him, he really is a cool character :slight_smile: It is a change from Ken though. I would find myself spamming a hard/EX Shoryuken everytime I would get up, it would work a lot of the time, but other times the opponent would block and I’d get absolutely pissed on. A good combo I find with Cody is 4 light punches and a Criminal Upper. Also a hard punch followed by an EX Criminal Upper :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the advice though guys, it is MUCH appreciated. I see that Fight Sticks are £150+, are there any cheap ones around? :slight_smile:


Not really much cheaper than $140. Try on amazon and ebay to find a TE. Or you could get an SE for real cheap now (like $30) and buy new parts for it (like $50). I have an SE and it’s nice with new parts, but regret not getting a TE. If you want to find out more about fightsticks you should post in the tech forum and not here. Good luck with cody


Sure, if you’re on xbl and not psn, add me (along with a message saying who you are).

About £45 for an SE (which is fine to start, then you can upgrade later for about £35), and £90 for a TE.

Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightStick - Google Product Search


fight stick and id suggest playing around with a lot of the chrs before you get to attached to one.


From Old to New

I was wondering if I took a break from ss4 and spent more time mastering older versions, (like sf alpha 3) would that have a negative effect or an positive effect my skills in ss4? It’s just that I get pretty busy so I’m tryin to see if i could just practice with an older version on psp.


So guys, took all your advice to hand and been practicing. But the last few days, well, I dunno. It seems everyone on XBL just suck. People that just spam moves, not combo’s of any sort, just a Ken that will HP me and then do two back flips and hide in the corner again. I’m still trying to make my way over to the other side, another jumping HP and run away again. It’s so negative! Occasionally I run into someone with 10k+ BP who just corner me and unleash every single combo that ever existed, and pretty much get chipped to death :stuck_out_tongue: I might be wrong here, sorry if I am, but I encounter people that just grab, grab, grab! And me being an absolute noob, haven’t a clue in the world on how to counter-act it. The other day I was up against a Dhalsim. Only moves he knew, jump HP and jump HK. Also, Yoga Teleport -> Grab, awesome. What do you do against these type of people? Poor old Cody keeps getting grabbed till he’s KO’d!


just keep going through your trials until and learn your bnbs. just because you complete one trial doesnt mean you have to move on to the next one, keep doing the same trial until it becomes repetative to you and then move on. after that just hit practice up and keep at it practicing the same things until learn to get them rite, this is the best place to start, many other things come with experience, learn your character, dont worry too much about advanced techniques rite now , focus on the basics first. hope this helps.