How to get DLC 1?

Hi I’ve been looking all over the the web for answers but I couldnt find any. My question is srk, how to you get the original femme fatale costume pack? In the PSN there is not a single trace of the original DLC only DLC’s 2 and 3 for the characters. So If you guys can tell me me anything please do. Thanks.

Hmm…I’d like to kow this too. I’ve only got the latest DLC (on a steam sale), but if possible (and its on sale) getting the earlier DLCs would be cool.

You have to purchase them for SF4 vanilla. They automatically transfer to SSF4

How though? Buy vanilla and theres an option to buy the costumes?

Not sure on PSN, on XBL there is a marketplace where they sell games for download and there are DLC add-ons as well. You buy the DLC add-on for SFIV Vanilla. Not certain if you have to have the game and have a save file for Vanilla for them to transfer…

In the PSN store it’s like capcom deleted Vanilla. There is not a single trace of SF4 only AE. So odds are I cant download them, yet I have seen people with the costumes. :confused:

You can find the sf4 downloadables in psn.
Upper corner search for sf4 and it should be visble. Then proceed to buy the dlc.
Not hard at all, just looked it up, its there

Holy shit I found it thanks so much Kimmor. You’re the best. For all others having trouble finding it, when you hit the sf3 dlc’s you will see them but only with the name’s :"‘brawler costume pack’, ‘classic pack’, ‘femme fetale pack’ shadaloo pack’ and ‘shoryuken pack’.

I actually had the same problem. If you go to the actual site you can run a search and buy them there. But as for the psn site and store I was unable to find them on the psn store. Hope that is helpful if you are busting wanting the full cast bundle.