How to get in touch with users who have a full inbox

Hi I’m not sure where this type of thread belongs, so apologies if its in the wrong section.

I am trying to get in touch with a member named Avidist as I have paid him for an item two weeks ago which has not yet arrived.

Click on his profile and write a message on his visitor wall.

Yeah I’ve done that, but I get the feeling it won’t be read. I’ll have to wait and see I guess.

I actually don’t know if this would be in the wrong section. Did you pay him for a custom stick?

He’ll get a notification that you wrote on his wall similar to the one you get when you receive a PM.

I paid him for a modified JLF.

wtf I traded the same guy for some buttons and a jlf etc and sent my end of the deal and haven’t gotten my stuff from him… scammer!!! errrghhh he owes me like 8 buttons and a green bubbletop etc. And I cannot get ahold of him

How long have you waited for? I’ve waited 2 weeks, granted I live in Australia but normally I get stuff from people in the US no longer than 1 week.

He has 3 positive feedbacks which is why I haven’t ran the paypal claim yet. I thought I’d give the fella a chance to communicate back but its not looking good at this stage.

its been over a week and a half I believe and I live in the same damn state as him… So there is no way I wouldn’t have gotten it already… Either this dude got some positive feedbacks then decided to scam a few people or something hapened to him (arrested,sick,dead, etc)

Regardless, I am pissed. I want my 8+ buttons and balltops

Well for his sake I hope he is not sick/dead but I hope even more that I’m not being scammed coz that pisses me off.

Edit: I just realized he’s promised you a green bubble top? I get the suspicion that it’s the same green bubble top that he promised on my modified jlf.

yeah, i have had a trade go sour with Avidist. he is a scammer and i was going to give him some time to correct his error but to no avail. now i’ll put him on blast in the Scammer/Thief thread. good luck with all that tried to do honest business with a dishonest person.


Hmm, yep, he asked me to make him a custom stick case for free for his brother who was in the hospital.

Thank god I didn’t send him one.

Alright thanks the above two posts are enough for me to run a paypal claim. Thanks for the advice guys.

God damn it… this is fucking bullshit. Piece of shit scammer

I sold something to him before(like 2 weeks ago). The transaction went fine. He seemed like a decent person but so many people with issues cant be a concidence. Good luck peeps.

I’d say he was probably trying to build up a small positive reputation first, (3 positives) before going on his scamming spree.

good luck to you guys.

To the guys who have unfinished business with Avidist: I don’t think he’s dead because he last logged in 31-05-2010.

He has cleared his PMs as I was able to send him one a few minutes ago. We’ll see how it goes if he responds or not. As far as paypal is concerned I am still giving him a chance to clear himself before escalating the matter further.

damn good luck man. hopefully you get a response before we knock on his door with pitchforks, torches, and shotguns

Thanks for the kind words guys, this issue has now been fully resolved by paypal. I got my full refund.