How to get in with Dante?

I’ve been having this problem for a while now, u find it very hard to get in with Dante, its either i throw a projectile, the opponent blocks it, I teleport and get grabbed. But if anyone has suggestions on how to get in and confirm combos that could be helpful, please leave some comment Thanks

Post in the Dante forums. We have all the answers there.

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Pick point Zero, call Jam Session.


Pretty much it depends on the character because you have different options s based on that. Most Dante will use drive air play and hysteric. You can use teleport but you need a hard read or an assist or to dy after a projectilr. You can use stinger if you have the spacing for it.

Dt gives you better air mobility so that is an option aswell. His air dash M and H are great for getting in. Also using his grapple is good against a lot of characters if you throw it out at a random time you can catch a lot of people off guard with it. Just be safe about it because it is punishable.

Confirms can be wonky but doable. You will have the most problems confirming air to air but I use medium air play dash medium to killer bee in the air. Pretty much anything on the ground is converted from m, h to whatever. I like that because if they block you can use weasel shot to keep yourself safe. Just have to practice it. My goal is just to make the read. He is a footsie/read based character with the tools to fight everyone. Just be patient.

If you are just throwing projectiles it may be the wrong ones or they may be chicken guarding it. You should never get thrown if they are blocking a projectIle so either your timin is wrong or something. Are you devil triggering after throwing it for the most amount of time to mixup? Are You Dashing In Behind projectiles Like Air play?