How to get into the game

Hey I’m new to the game and pretty much all fighting games, and I am wondering what I should be doing to get better.
I know the basic advice is: Play to get better.
What should I actually be doing though… training, missions, online, arcade?
Should I be practicing combos in training or working on things like blocking, etc.
Also if there are any experience players who can help me learn I would greatly appreciate that,
or if there are some new players who want to practice together that would be great too :smiley:

My gamer tag is MrGizmo235 if you want to play together.

this game is really hard to get into

this is a good guide to get a grasp of the basics

some of the information in this video is old or obsolete as UMVC3 is a different version than the one in the video, but also the players have grown to new speeds and higher damage

this game is different from other fighting games. it has easier “confirms” since the game is more free form, and allows for longer strings of attacks that allow the player to either confirm that the first attack hit, and go into a combo, or if it was blocked, go into a safe option. it’s up to you to decide what your combos on hit, and options on block, are going to be.

it has team based options, including assists, doing super moves with your first character but being able to chain them to your other team mates, and switching characters in other ways.

it has x factor, an extremely devastating mechanic that is really infamous and frustrating. it opens up a lot of possibilities, the most notable being that it allows for comebacks to be made more easily. in general it is used to punish mistakes, or to cover one’s own mistakes.

the sheer amount of possibilities that the game offers means that you have to have good pattern recognition and reflexes to deal with the “normal” stuff; fast movement, projectiles, multiple characters on screen, and just in general a bunch of options.
also, playing a lot will make it easier to see general patterns and predict gameplans.

good luck, this game is hard. despite some characters being easy to learn and use, the hard part comes when playing against opponents.

if you have no one to play with offline, and have a good enough online connection, certain characters could be practiced online.
it is a good place to see if your general strategy can work.
however, i definitely recommend spending a lot of time in training mode. make sure you can consistently land your combos (5 in a row) and have a combo for throws and off assists if your characters allow.

Find an offline group to play with, if available. This is the fastest possible way to get better. If you live within driving distance of a city then there are probably players in your area.

I noticed in the matchmaking thread that you’re from BC, and I know for a fact that the scene there is awesome. Really cool people play in Vancouver and they’re most likely down to take in new players. Check out the regional boards on SRK.

Other thing that hasn’t been mentioned: watch a lot of Marvel. The more match footage you digest the more you’ll learn one way or another.

Checked out the regional board for BC and it seems like the thread no longer has anything to do with it xD
Anyone know of groups in the Vancouver area?

Why are all the newcomers on Xbox. Fuck.

I’ve been playing fighting games for a couple months, we might be pretty evenly matched(Very Hard bots still make me look stupid), let me know if you’re interested in some games. (Only available after 6pm PST on weekdays) Oh and I hope you don’t mind playing against the same team over and over again, I decided to stick with Wolverine/Dante/Akuma until I’m not a complete noob.

I am into UMVC3 but i don’t own a copy of the game and i was wondering if anyone is willing to part with an extra copy i play on PS3.