How to get into the scene [Western WA]

Sorry ahead of time if this isn’t that great of a place to post this thread, but I couldn’t think of anywhere better.

That being said, I’m a relatively new player to fighting games and the community in general. I used to be a big FPS player, and was somewhat successful there. One thing I noticed though, is that it’s quite a bit easier to get into the FPS competitive scene than the fighting game one because it’s split between online and LAN tourneys.

So my question is this, I know a lot of people that are wanting to take their SSF4 game to the next level, and you really cannot do this by playing ranked matches online(Let’s be honest, 90% of online players are scrubs that just want easy wins). So what can we, the 08-10’ers, do to get involved with the community and start building a solid base of people that we play with outside of XBL or PSN? What are the local arcades or get-togethers that the community goes to, and how does a new player go about getting to them? Who are the people that are good to know around the area? As for area, I’m talking around Western Washington, but it would be a good idea to compile a list of places a new player can go to in the generalized Northwest.

Thanks for any answers ahead of time, I appreciate the help, as I’m sure a lot of other people will!

Introduce yourself in the negro thread. Look out for events and come out to Tournament Wars.

watch this board right here. seriously, these guys are some of the coolest dudes I have ever met. there are sessions all the time, just don’t be random or ugly and ask if it’s cool to roll through before you show up.

you may try hitting up GW, though it’s not as on as it once was since super dropped. or if you can host your own session and invite people from here, there is almost always someone looking to get more practice in.

Dont be dirty (hygiene and breath), If you go to a house session wash your feet, socks, shoes.
Dont be a moocher. (food, tournament entries, gas, rides, etc)
Dont be a dick/ asshole, (if you have a gaming persona thats fine, but dont make your comments personal)

Bring your own equipment.
Get ready to have your mind blown.

on the moocher note, this includes weed I dont know if you smoke but come prepared

you don’t want to be apart of this scene.

Try to make it out to the Dojo, but also be good at the game otherwise people will be quick to not let you play or just overall not let you play.

What FPS?

CoD Series mainly, cal-m up til it died in all, played a cevo a bit in cod4 too.
Thanks for the responses though, appreciate it.

Oh also, @ ragepenguin, that’s another thing i didn’t mention. I’ve no idea how I would measure up, what’s the generally accepted skill level?

know all frame data, able to do 1 frame links, know the latest tier list and how your character matches up with your opponent, analytical skills to know your opponents weaknesses after 30 seconds.

brag time I played in the CPL (cyber PROFESSIONAL league) for CS back in 2000-2002.
End brag time

That sir, is definitely something to brag about.

That’s cool. I played CoD and UO for a little bit competitively, but never too serious.

I’m more of a CS guy, but yeah. It’s not too hard getting into the scene, but once you get black balled by one of the popular cliques, you’re pretty much out. It’s a lot like high school.

Ignore this guy. But do try to be prepared when you come out to play. People are happy to offer tips and help up your game, but I don’t think people are looking to hold someones hand through the whole process.

I’m surprised by this.

Anyway, welcome to the boards. The scene here is full of cool people, though I agree with what Jared (jalapno) says. You see some straight stupid drama here sometimes.

I’m Adam, I very rarely get to come to anything due to working all the time. Lately though I’ve been getting those hunger pains. I really need to get out of the house/work and come do something soon! No car right now though, just sold it and haven’t bought a new one :shake:

PMOMPz, just come out to things. In a few weeks my house will probably open up again. You are more than welcome to come out. Just introduce yourself and kick it. DOn’t worry about asking questions about ANYTHING in the game we were all ass at one point. I know very well what it’s like to have limited knowledge about a game with ZERO fighting game experience. It’s actually not too hard to pick up especially if you have game experience in the past and know what it takes to get good at it. I advise learning on a stick. I was a pad player and can tell you when it comes to combos stick has a few advantages that make life easier. Don’t be intimidated by ANYONE and just play the game. Welcome.

Weak, pure weakness. Can’t let this fly.

this community is very welcoming and very willing to help out new players

you don’t have to be good, but you should certainly be willing to learn!

this community is very welcoming and very willing to help out new players

you don’t have to be good, but you should certainly be willing to learn!

Don’t mind Frank with his negativity, PMOMPz, you and other new people are always welcome at events here. This is actually really cool - recently I’m seeing more and more new people join the community and it just shows you that the audience for this game is growing.

frank gettin blown up right now, INFRACTIONZ FOR PUTTIN FRANK ON BLAST

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