How to get more involved


Hello all, my name is Mister Snrub, and I come from someplace…far away! yes that’ll do. Anyways I’ve always been interested in fighting games ever since my older brother brought home a Super Nintendo with a copy of Street Fighter II and I gotta say I loved that game and I still do to this day. As I got older I became a more avid gamer getting myself into all sorts of games but now that I reach my second year of college I realize my greater priorities and have to tone down on the gaming in order to get both work and school done. Thus in the end I decided to get involved with one community, the fighting game community, the competitive spirit, the sportsmanship, the intensity of watching a match between two expert players? It’s a rush! I’m quite an amateur player myself, trying every fighting game out there and I enjoy most of them, but one thing I have to ask is how do I get more involved? And also is it possible to maintain such a life with school and work? Most of my friends don’t play too many fighting games so that’s why I decided to join the Shoryuken forums! Well, here’s to hoping for good times ahead!


Go to the regional section and find people in your area. Meet, play, and compete. Not much more to it than that.

Whether or not you have the time for it is your choice alone to make.


I like the way Snrub thinks.


Get involved by showing up to your local offline events and showing some love and support. If there’s no local scene near you, you might be able to gather some local players around these forums and hopefully start some local casual sessions and tournaments.


You can maintain games with real life - it’s called time management. I have one friend who only plays fighting games like 30 minutes a day (90 mins maximum), because he not only has a job, but other responsibilities. This is one of the guys that organises local tournaments and he is GOOD at SSF4AE, Super Turbo, Puzzle Fighter (I know it’s not a fighting game, but that’s besides the point), SFxT (He dropped it, though) and UMVC3. Many local players, including myself, have a lot of trouble beating this guy, but I try to learn from my losses to him.