How to get my friends into fighting games?

Yeah.any ideas,I am very tired to play vs the cpu
and the only competition i have is xbox live.
:sad: :sad: :sad:

I only wish I knew lol. I remeber I got my friend in SFA3 years ago. Havent talked to him in years. And he was real big o nRPG stuff, played Magic The Gathering and all that shit. Bring the game over and all. Cause RPG’s aren’t exactly 2 player and competitive. And if it’s SF approach with the anime to get them into it maybe. Dont force them into playin it, build off of somethin small maybe like the anime, a nice combo vid, a char. that would appeal to them or somethin.

I think combo vids and match footage are the way to go, but it really depends on what they’re into to determine what will be their “gateway game”. Some people like 3d so they start off being a scrubby Soul Calibur or Tekken player. Some people really like anime or comics so they start with Guilty Gear or Marvel. Some people wonder what the hell all this new nonsense is about so they go for 3s. It’s all a matter of personal taste.


I say let the person play everything you’ve got and see which one they like. Process of elimination. It always works. Combo vids work as well.

Ah, the good memories of yesteryear and getting into SF for the first time. Learning what an anti-air attack is at the age of 7 is just too good. I could safely say that SF ruined my grade school education. looks at high school diploma

Well, I was a huge Marvel fan, so first I got Marvel Superheroes vs Street Fighter. Then I was like “ooh, Street Fighter” so I got Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha for the PS1. Then, a few years later, I was like “oooh, Capcom vs SNK 2” so I got it for the Cube. Then I was like “oooh, King of Fighters” so I got King of Fighters 2002/03. Then Kumiho was like “yeah, buy Guilty Gear” so I bought it. And throw 3S, Neowave, Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive, and a few others somewhere in there.

Anyway, everyone liked the Xmen. Get Marvel vs Capcom 2, that’ll introduce him to Street Fighter, then have him play CvS2. That may work.

like others have said… show combo vids. really, really flashy ones with nice editing and music.

but you gotta make sure that they don’t try to learn the games by watching combo vids, as that is probably the worst thing to do for anybody (especially those who have little or no experience).

To be totally honest, if you’ve tried to get them into it to the point where you have to come on here for advice, they’ll never get into fighting games. Sorry, bro.

yeah def. real good combo videos. Marvel ones should work. I had friends who were mainly into them.

by the way, i know somebody from woodstock, illinois. i worked with him the past 2 semesters during school. he’s a pothead frat boy though. no video games. well, maybe madden or halo? lol

we can’t save everyone

the marvel VS games are the “noob magnets” of fighting games.
you don’t really need to show them more than wolverine+flashy combos

yeah find some Justin Wongs vids lol. Akuma also attracts n00bs regardless of the game when u show them Shungokusatsu


a friend of mine is a marvel fan, and he calls any vs. game marvel vs. ______


marvel vs. snk :rofl:

marvel vs snk would be interesting. Shall we make a thread :smiley:

:lol:, fixed.

yeah the vs series, thanks, guys
now i just need to fine my self a copy of marbel vs capcom 2.

Best way i found was was suggested by cam347. Play off thier interests. Big anime fan? Tell em to watch street fighter 2 the animated movie. Then the next time your playing games, suggest playing a3 or a marvel game. I wudn’t go with anything overly complicated, especially if they have no idea about 2d fighters. .

How do you make that first game session successful though, so they would want to play it again in future, or even possibly learn the game properly?

Take it slow, lose on purpose, while doing something pretty cool from time to time(so they know theres more than meets the eye to this game). Your friends will soon get fed up playing a game they have never played before if you kill them everytime. Also if there under the impression they got a good chance of beaing you they’ll consider it as a game to play in the future.

But if they start button mashing be as merciless as you like. Thats something all noobs do, they can get away with it on 3d games, but on 2d games it won’t fly. So you gotta get them out that habit, and quick. Best thing i say is get em hooked on the special and super moves asap, at least they’ll be doing them all day instead of making dents in your controller. Then when they start to get them on a failry regular basis, show em how to us the normal moves, lik using crouch roundhouse to sweep. Then start offering little hints here and there every so while, and casually add them in you gameplay aswell (pointing out when you do them) so he can see them in action, and put yourself into situations (but don’t make it so obvious that he knows your letting him try it out on you) where he can test them on you. Good example is reversal on wakeup. Once you start to see him pick your little hints up you know hes taking the games seriously.

Another point worth considering are, don’t play it after a game they particularly enjoy, especially a 3d fighter. While we all know 2d fighters are just as good if not better than 3d fighters, he won’t. As popular consensus among non fighting game fans is “3d is better than 2d”. If you do all he’ll be thinking is why did we turn off so and so for this. I tried it with hsf2 after some tekken and it got turned off after 10 minutes.

Also try to play in a small group or 3 or 4, cause then they won’t have to play you every game. If more people then you’ll be playing the game longer and more of a chance someone will really like it. Also you get to observe their games and give some hints.

Using this method i’ve successfully got a couple of people to play some fighters, if not to learn the game properly, but to at least to the extent they will want to play it again the next time i met up with them.

Heres a checklist for reference
Don’t play after a 3d fighter
Play in a small group
Go easy
Teach em the basics
No button mashing

I’ve always been able to get guys interested in new things by getting them really, really drunk :wink:

point them to this terrific site: :tup:

I play the games with my friends,let them win so they get excited, then I win so then they start getting into it and they want to be as good as me and one day beat me fair and square.

That’s how i’ve done it.