How to get my Korean stick to work on USB items

I am trying to found out how to get my Korean stick to work on USB items. It is a PS2 cable and will work on ps2’s ps, DC, Tekken DR arcade. It for some reason does not work with any convertors with USB. I tried PS3 and computer. The buttons will work, but the stick wont. So will I have to find maybe a convertor which does analog and digital? Or might I have to re wire it with a normal ps2 dpad.

thanks alot.

hey dude. i think it’s your convertor. try the pelican one.

Have you tried using the Pelican PSX/PS2>PS3 converter? It’s a solid converter that doesn’t require your stick to have an analog button for the stick to work. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to swap in a PSX or PS2 PCB like you said.

If you don’t mind me asking, is the stick you’re using one of the Saulabi sticks?

I ditched the saulabi ps2 pcb in mine. It wouldn’t work on anything I had, two usb converters and a ps1.

No, its the green top one and its not the converter. I have the pelican one too. For some reason it does not work with USB, the stick that is. It works for everything, but USB items. I think I might have to stick a namco board or a PS2 dpad in it.

any ideas?

If it’s not the converter then most likely it is the PCB. Throwing an official Sony PCB in there should solve all your problems.

PCB??? whats that?

What you referred to as the “board” inside a pad or stick.

PCB = Printed Circuit Board

Yo just wanted to ask which Korean stick should I get thats suitable for Tekken? I’m talking about just the part not a premade arcade stick with buttons. Thinking about installing some for an arcade. Also where and much can I get them for? Looking to buy two.


There are two types of mainly used Korean stick, both called Fantas. The first is the TaeYoung which uses a harder rubber that has to be broken in for what some call that “gummy” feeling. The other is the MyoungShin which has a medium rubber in it.

The more hardcore Tekken guys use the TaeYoung but MyoungShin is newer and I believe more common nowadays. MyoungShin is what you would find in a Saulabi stick.

You can get them from laugh, just send him a PM. I just bought a stick and 8 buttons of him and it was about $60 including shipping. Shipping was about half of that since it is coming from Korea. It only took about 4 days for me to get it though.

Awasome :tup: I’ll pm him at some point

korean stick?
arent those a little…small.

Hey, if you’re interested, I have got a bunch of crown buttons (all colors except red) and sticks (cwl 303’s and 305’s all available colors I believe) . I also have a MyoungShin (green) and a TaeYoung (also green). If you’re not familiar with crown stuff, here’s their website:

Note that the crown stuff is somewhat used, I got a big bag of stuff from my brother who lives in Korea.

Anyway, shoot me a PM if interested in anything. I’m probably not gonna use most of it. I can also give you a rough idea what all the joysticks are like, though it would be from a non-tekken standpoint.

Thing is these sticks aren’t for my personal use, they are going to be installed a Tekken machine for everyone. So I need new boxed sticks.

Thanks for the offer though

EDIT: how small are the MyoungShin’s? I just saw a pic and they look pretty small.

No problem. The Myoungshin and Taeyoung (which is to stiff to play on as it is imo) are new if you need them though. The Myoungshin is the same size as the TaeYoung’s. In general, they are a pretty small stick, but you need som extra mounting depth to mount them properly, with only a little bit of the black base/ ring thing sticking out.