How to get my Paewang PCB to work on Windows 10?

I have a Tri-Modded PC, PS3, Xbox 360 stick with a Paewang PCB that doesn’t recognize the USB when plugging it into my Windows 10. I updated all my USB drivers, tried 2.0/3.0 ports and still doesn’t recognize it on Windows 10. My GameStop Xbox 360 controller gets recognized on Windows 10 but my stick doesn’t.

However, when I plug it into my Windows Vista laptop, it recognizes my stick.

How can I get this working? I’m not sure if the Turbo button is wired, if not, how do I wire it? In order to switch modes, I believe I have to hold down the “Home” button as of now.

There is a file that got left out fresh installs of Windows 10 that Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 has. The exact file I yet to pin point, but I got my suspicions.
Make sure all drivers are updated, including mother board drivers.

Download and install the DirectX 9.0c (Jun 10) installation. It will not overwrite your current Direct X but it will include the older files that should of been included.

I look into the problem some more and hope its not something specific to the Paewang board it self. I don’t have that particular board on me so I can’t recreate the problem.
I doubt it has the UHCI issues early Mad Catz TE boards has with PCs.

This shows the notification I get

My drivers are all updated, I built PC last week and I even updated the USB one. Also, it doesn’t get recognized as a Game Controller just a unrecognized USB. It works on Vista tho so idk what’s the deal.

You sure it won’t conflict with my other DirectX stuff? I’ll try when I get home.

How can I uninstall it if it doesn’t work?

I installed it, same issue.

I use a paewang as well. Let me know if / how you get it fixed. I was thinking about upgrading to Windows 10 but seeing this makes me think it may be good to wait.

Take a look at these two

No luck dude, I want to break this stick already Lol.

Is there a way to get a new PCB that works on Windows 10 and PS4? Or should I just go and buy a TE2

You have alot of choices when it comes to PC/PS4 PCBs.
2 boards from Brooks
Hori Fighting commander pad
Hori PS4 Minit stick

Take you pick

Thanks! How about something that I can just put in my custom and start playing? I don’t know how to solder stuff. And most importantly it will recognize on Windows 10!

Paewang is supposed to work on PC but it doesn’t…

if you want to keep the same level of usability your old stick PCB has and PS4 and Modern PC use
Get the Brook Universal Fighting Board, its has screw terminals and a USB B port on the board.

I only want to play on PC/PS4 because that’s what is most relevant to me.