How to get my SE fightstick working with MAME

My computer simply doesn’t recognise my SE fightstick. How can I get the computer to recognise it so I can play my alpha games with my fightstick. Bought it for both SFIV and Mame…

Windows Vista 32bit
XBOX 360 SE Fightstick

use xpadder or joy2key
EDIT: also i forgot to tell you to get the latest controller driver for windows vista

That’s really weird, I didn’t have to download the latest driver or use xpadder to get mine to work. However I am using Windows Vista 64 bit. I heard there is also a resistor mod you can do to make it work with PC.

get a new pci usb card. that will solve it

You should update the drivers for your computer
Make sure to turn on the Joystick option in MAME.

Other than that you shouldn’t have a problem.

I’m tryin to get mine to work aswell but it’s a PS3 SE and it’s not working for MAME or CPS3.