How to get new metal plate for DC stick?

I want to mod a DC agetec stick, and I want the VMU slot to not be there. I want a new metal plate made also because mine is scuffed up. How would I go about getting a piece made?

Does anyone here do metal work like that? How much is reasonable? I’d like a black looking metal.

Bump? :sad:

Maybe you could do what this guy did?

My formica mod would do the trick, but it may make a slight ridge between the metal plate and the plastic base. If you do try the forimca mod, I would look around for cabinet shops that have scraps they just throw away. You probably don’t wanna buy a whole sheet for just one small piece. I do have some black pieces available at the moment.

If you want a custom cut plate I would be willing to do one for around $30 with out paint and $40 painted black. I have an example of a T5 metal plate I recently painted black, but the custom metal plate I finished today I haven’t had time to take pics yet. Check my for sale thread or PM me for details.

What colors could the un-painted one come in? Is it only stainless steel? If so I’d get painted… I’m VERY interested.

Also I asked on the stick thread and no one answered, what kind of bit do I need to add and remove the metal plates? I am actually probably interested in two plates in the very near future…:tup:

Unpainted would only really be for those people who plan on adding a stick on piece of art, or feel comfortable painting it themselves. I could paint in any of the common spray paint colors available at any large chain store, home depot, lowes, wally world, etc.
I would need to have a template of the metal plate in order to cut one as I don’t have this stick myself. If you can find one that you know is accurate I’ll use it. If not I will need you to make one. I would also need you to measure the thickness of the steel that is already on it.

It looks like it would be easier for me to just patch the hole for you with another piece of steel and bondo, then paint it. Of course you’d need to ship me the plate so I could do it. This would also give me the exact dimensions if you wanted me to make another one painted a different color. Of course I could also install a piece of formica if it happens to be the correct thickness. That would make a much more scratch resistant surface than paint.

The plate looks like it has Torx screws holding it in, but the pictures I have seen so far are too blurry to tell for sure.
A forum member with the profile name Ramon has modded this stick and can tell you for sure if it is a Torx screw and possibly what size.

Please do PM me for a more detailed discussion of the options available, since this is really something that should be in the Trading Outlet section.