How to get older games back into the spotlight in the US

Okay, so in the US there’s obviously a longing to play some Super Turbo by anyone who’s actually ever played the game. Other games like CvS2 and Guilty Gear Accent Core have some following and people who like them, but there’s this sense in the US that those games’ time is gone. This sucks, because good games like ST shouldn’t be cast aside because there’s a newer version, especially when it’s still got a major tournament in Japan for it (SBO).

So here’s what I want to see: a major national tournament for older games that is supported by other tournaments a la the EVO Series. I think there would be enough interest to back it up, provided you drum up support with other tournaments like CEO or Final Round or ReveLAtions and whatever start pushing their older tournaments as well. It’d have to be an organized movement, but I feel like the US could bring back those wonderful old games. I mean, I’d really love to play Vampire Savior in a tournament setting and not have to play against people who’ve been playing the game since before I got out of elementary.

If you are looking for them to take the place of new games, that’s somewhat hopeless on a large scale. Blazblue killed Guilty Gear in America despite not really having a gigantic scene like SFIV and a large percentage of people preferring Guilty Gear over BB.

If 3SOE does well you’ll probably see games like VSAV come back the same way, but as much as I love VSAV a game with such horrible imbalences like VSAV or JoJo just wouldn’t be as much fun in a large ‘non-small clique of players who are mostly friends’ scale. Trying to run non-top characters in games with matchups as unbalenced as those in a serious tourney would be a pain in the ass, if you think people bitch about Yun wait till they see petshop, kakyoin, and jotaro; or Zabel, Gallon, Sas, and QB.

You’re crazy if you think Vampire Savior is unbalanced to a fault.

Also I think the reason Blazblue killed Guilty Gear as far as tournaments go is because we’ve got this false sense that we can only play the newest games, even when there are guys who don’t even like them and want to play the older ones. The only way to fix this idea is to have tournaments for older games.

VS players, you have seen it, just ignore it, or this will go downhill. Seriously.

Well, there is certainly a justification for this topic. In a nutshell, we lack a way of giving the classic games the value they deserve. There are a lot of reasons to why it came to be that it is not clear to most players what games are definitely good and definitely flawed, and it does not have to do with only opinion. Graphics, presentation, marketing, arcade operators simply removing the cabinets and you are left with nothing, but I am not sure this is relevant to the point. The point is getting them a place to shine again, and keep the interest alive.

The first thing is to provide content. It has already been stated that the Super Turbo Wiki is the best one, by far, but it still has a lot of information and strategy missing. The more people help, the faster it will be ready, of close to ready, as the game is still evolving.

The other thing is to keep playing. This means GGPO, getting the ports Capcom releases so as to make it clear that good ST/HF/VS/3S/MvC2 ports are welcome and going to tournaments, as much as you can. Also, if possible, building a local scene. You would be surprised at how many people around their 30’s want to play the game when they see it in action. Some business allow for some leisure after lunch or after the work hours, this is a possible time to play a bit. For around one year and a half, we had ST and Quake 3 daily practices where I am, with around 5 people, which is better than no-one, and I just getting back home to try GGPO.

O.Joseph has won big tournaments in jojo before. hes low tier.

i think it has to do more with Mr Wiz saying that only the current gen FG’s would be on evo

Really, the only thing you could call “unbalanced” about VSav is how god awful Anakaris is.

And even so, he can still win a tournament.

The game IS imbalanced. It is just that the engine gives everyone a shot. I hate it how when people talk about the balance of Vsav, they talk as though no one has a clear advantage over someone else, and the matches can’t possibly be difficult. The characters in that game are unbalanced, but the engine basically gives everyone a shot. That doesn’t mean that matches don’t feel insurmountable or that everything in the game is 5-5.

But enough of that.

Side tournaments…
that is all.
There is also the whole, “big money prizes in newer games, and not so much in older games, so players have less incentive to travel for them” aspect of the argument.

But Blazblue doesn’t have a big money prize scene in America. If you lived in Japan sure, but in Japan Guilty Gear hasn’t died.

You read what I said too linearly.

BB is popular because it’s new. Nothing to do with the money.
What I mean is specific to this thread. I love CvS2… a lot of players wont attend a tournament half way across the country for a $200 pot, when plane + hotel outweighs that.

GG is gone because the community blew it on finals day at EVO by not getting their matches out on time.

If you want ST back, 1) go to tournaments that have ST and 2) insist that tourneys have ST if they don’t.

Don’t hold your breath though, especially since Evo focuses on newer titles

there was nearly 100 for gg at evo this year and many more for casuals, despite being fucked over the past few years by evo. afaik, that’s the best showing we’ve had in the us since the season’s beatings 3 fiasco.

there’s nothing i’d love to see more than a gg revival, but i just don’t see it happening. i love the game so much, but it’s so hard to get people into it and it’s even harder to teach them.

When a trend is over, it is over. There isn’t whole a lot of point in clinging onto it. Guilty Gear used to be my favorite series, and I do sort of of miss the active tourney scene that the U.S. had for it until 2~3 years ago. But being open-minded for new games is equally, if not more, important as cherishing your favorites.

You don’t need to accept all new games. I have been pretty picky myself and detest all recent Capcom games to varying degrees; and the only new games I have come across that I consider truly great in the past 3 years are AH2, AH3 and MBAA.

But the most important is that you remain open-minded.

It would probably help if these older games were released on XBLA and PSN with online play. Accessibility is big part of it.

I kind of thought Guilty Gear died in the US because it was too hard to play.(for some people)

Some blame it on marn.

It was an amalgam of reasons why Guilty Gear enjoys a fairly niche scene nowadays. It’s a combination of a divided community that didn’t travel around as much as others, the fiasco that happened with EVO (hell, I actually only joined srk during that time to defend the game lol), Blazblue being the new hot shit that attracts new players, and I guess you can throw the Marn incident in there as well.

Now don’t get me wrong I still love the game and there’s quite a few people out there that do as well (as evident by the byoc GG this year) but like Orka said, when a trend is over; that’s that.