How to get out of Bison scissor kick combo?

This is for vanilla SF4.

Most decent Bison players I go up against have this standard combo that goes something along the lines of: -> cr.lp -> -> scissor kick

I don’t know if this is factually true, but it feels like this combo is always safe on block from the right distance. My problem is getting out of this combo and how to punish Bison players. I’ve tried,, cr.hp but I always end up getting punished by normals, another combo, or straight up scissor kicks. Tips? I mainly play shotos.

it IS safe on block for LK scissor kick (maybe MK?) I don’t know what do you mean by getting out of this combo but i’m pretty sure bison is on negative frames after the scissor kick (blocked). You can use this chance to dash back i guess?

edit: holy shit, i never knew LK scissor is 0 on block

the LK knee press is 0 on block (meaning neither has an advantage). Most Bisons will never throw out any knee press other than LK unless they hit confirm into it. They’re just not that stupid.

Most bisons will stick out another and buffer in another knee press which will counter hit you if you stick anything out. After the knee press try to find a move you can stick out that will beat whatever he sticks out or back dash or neutral jump.

Those are basic techniques. It obviously it depends on your character.

For shotos if you have meter you can SRK and FADC, if it hits you get a free ultra. Like I said you’re getting counter hit because you’re sticking out moves that are too slow. Try or c.lp.

Cr. LK Cr. LK Cr. LK xx LK Scissor Kick is the basic combo. It’s only a major problem if you get cornered.

Bison is even (0 advantage) after LK Scissor Kick on block. All other scissor kicks are unsafe. Bison usually wants to repeat Cr. LK xx LK Scissor kick until he is finally pushed out of range of Cr. LK (3 frames). It’s important that you’re familiar with the range that if you block Scissor Kick, he will be out of range to reach you with Cr. LK because that’s the range where he finally has to do something unsafe if he wants to keep pressure.

He might headstomp you, jump, do a naked scissor kick, dash up and throw, or HK. My solution would be to throw out a normal that will stop him from moving forward and then walk forward if he happened to jump or headstomp so you can escape from the corner by walking under him.

You have a couple options:

1.) Block. They might go for a tick throw, at which point your could either pop 'em with an attack, or tech it.
2.) If you know for a fact they’re going for another Cr. LK after the safe scissors, uppercut. If you’re using a shoto then you have one, so do it.

This is very character dependent, but in the corner your best option is just to block it and tech throws if necessary. I say this because if you try and throw out another poke after the scissor kick, it is likely that bison will throw out another scissor kick or or st.rh and you will eat a counter hit. Block and then gradually work your way out of the corner with air tatsus, fireballs, rocks.

If you feel that Bison has not spaced the scissor kick properly and you can throw out a poke afterwards, go for it. Maintain composure and watch for misspaced scissor kicks. This is what I do as Abel, so i don’t know how it would vary with other characters.

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