How to get over nervousness at the arcades?

So i started going to the arcades to play and i cant help but get extreamely nervous. Theres tons of people there and i feel like i have to play perfect or else ill be judged by the way i play which makes me really nervous and i start to play in ?Auto pilot’’ mode. I dont play according to what my opponent is doing, my mind is just blank and im just pressing buttons. I also start to think ‘‘If i ‘can’ beat these people then why are they even here?’’ which already puts me at a negative loosing mindset thinking ‘I cannot beat anyone here or they wouldnt even bother to come play’ I know it may sound arrogant or stupid for me to think like that but i cant help it thats just what pops into my mind when i arrive at the arcades.

I think that if i just keep going to play i will eventually get over this and just get used to it, but i wanted to post it here as well to see if any experienced players also went through this and can give me tips or advice on how to get over this. Any help will be appriciated. Thanks

Make face time, just don’t sit there fighting yourself & beating yourself down when losing. Talking to people that are beating you down “May” help you out. Ask what you do wrong. Being nervous is all about how confident you are in your game. The more confident you are the easier it is to pull off those large damaging combos. I don’t quite understand what you ment in your quote. Yet, good luck and I hope you get over it.

Confidence does wonders. If you play with a losing mindset, well…then quite frankly, you’ve already lost the match before it even began. Have confidence. Even if you think your opponent is stronger, have the mindset that you’ll beat the living hell out of him. No mercy, nothing to lose. Go all out.

Case in point, when I was at the arcades earlier today, a Dhalsim with a 66% winning percentage challenged me (pretty good for Japanese arcade standards. If you’re wondering, yes, I’m living in Japan atm). My winning percentage is 41%, and I immediately began to think “Oh man, there’s no way I’m going to win this match with my Ryu…”. However, I told myself that I couldn’t think like that. I refused to quit. Guess who won? The Dhalsim went three and out. Couldn’t even win a round against me. I felt pretty good after that win, and won 4 more times before some Ryu peaced me out.

I have a similar problem where In practice mode I can pull of the moves when I want and when I watch videos I can spot what people did and didn’t do right but, as soon as I’m in a competative scenario I lose it all and I’m back to mashing buttons and special moves. I get so worked up I can’t react with a clear head.

Just remember the following:

  1. You’re there to win.
  2. You’re not at a tournament so don’t stress yourself out if you lose (not like you should if you lose in a tournament either)
  3. People might judge you, people might not. Does it really make a difference anyways?

And know the game. If you know more about the game, you’ll be a lot more confident.

Once I actually got to know the people I was playing, everything got a lot easier, and funner, even when I lost. I also made some good friends :slight_smile:

Be happy you HAVE an arcade near you to play in. Be excited when you walk through its doors.

Play hard, like it can be closed tomorrow. Play like its your final quarter. You never, ever know.

beat one off before playing each game

Just play like you would play at home. Hell, I would find a chair and play.

After my first ever win at a tournament, that’s when i got over it.

I think the only time I ever got shaken up by a player during casuals is when I played Alex Valle at VTYME. Other than that, I never really had the heebie-jeebies while playing at the arcade, even when I first played in Japan. I just had this mindset: “If I play this guy and win, I’ll have beaten him. If I lose, I’ll still learn a thing or two about how to beat this guy next time”.

Nobody’s going to look down on you for playing bad. Everyone has to start from the bottom of the ladder, something nobody should have to spit on you for. Just enjoy the atmosphere and take all the experience playing at the arcades that you can get.

This is the best advice. Get to know some of the players at the arcade, and you’ll worry even less about looking bad because if some of these guys you know are seasoned players, they’ll help you get out of that nervous mindset. If they aren’t, then at least know that you’ll have someone else that relates to your situation.

I’ve yet to play SF4 at an arcade, but I imagine everybody is a little nervous their first time. That feeling should disappear with more experience. The more you play there, the less hostile it’ll seem. Especially if you make friends with people in the process.

Most nervousness stems from the fact that you are afraid of what the others around think or what they may say. Realize that a majority of your nervousness wont be seen (Fast Heart Beat, Shaky Hands, Butterflies, and Sweaty Palms). When I personally realize that I’m nervous, I will try to slow down my breathing and just take deep breathes. I will also continuously tell myself that I’m not nervous in my mind. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Hope I was able to help ya’ out a little. Don’t give up, and Goodluck!

I still get nervous and play like HOT GARBAGE in tourney.

Getting my first win didn’t help.

For me its not about being watched by others, its 100% internal pressure I’m putting on myself.

If I could just figure out how to remedy this, I would do 10x better. I usually play really well in casuals, but once official matches start, my game turns to unmitigated junk.

5 tourneys this year and its only gotten slightly better.

I’m not giving up, but it sucks to put in so much time only to watch your game fall apart when it counts.

I would say don’t put yourself in the mindset that “people will judge based on how you play”. Because chances are people wouldn’t care, you are playing this game for your own sake, not others. That’s how I think of it.

Very true. People are there for the same reason that you are. Some of them are nervous just the same.

You are there for one reason - To have fun.

I agree that you should totally be psyched that you even have an arcade near you. They are dropping like flys around here. We had a wicked nickel arcade here that we frequented every week and it went down to a new business in development that shortly went out of business after it took over the building.

Half of the reason that I’m building a stick is because I want it back.

I remember very vividly that I got my ass handed to me the first few times when I played SFII. I went to an arcade (Boardwalk USA), got a day pass and played a good two hours. I got my ass kicked there too, but being a broke twelve year old changes your playing mentality when you aren’t losing money like a compulsive gambler.

Lose your ambitions and don’t worry about what anyone will think of you. Even if they are total jerks, let them be jerks. I once had a gun pulled on me, when Mortal Kombat was new after being told that I couldn’t play. It was rad seeing the cops drag him out. I got to play anyway. :wgrin:

I used to have this problem hardcore but I got a little better about it. First thing I did was I played in a shitload of tourneys. Even online tourneys can kinda help. 5 isn’t enough. I don’t about your scene, but try to go to your local tourneys. The farther apart (in time) your tourneys are, the more pressure there is to do well at each one.

Other things I would say are keep your strategy/main normals/spacing in your head before the match. Even if your execution goes to shit, you should be able to play somewhat well if you know what you’re doing and stay focused (depends on the character, though).

Execution is an entirely different story. In a high pressure situation, your execution may start to go. It seriously happens across all levels of play. You need to practice all of your combos 100 times over. Try to think of input tricks/other ways to make your bread and butter combos as easy as possible. Even if you feel like you can do a combo 100% of the time, you might want to consider double tapping or plinking certain parts, ESPECIALLY if it’s a tight link combo. I can’t emphasize enough how important these are for tight links when you need to execute.

Another thing about execution: Keep it simple. Don’t try some fancy shit and drop your combo.

Take your Ipod with you. Dubstep works wonders with nerves.

Thanks guys, all these tips really made a lot of sence. Im gonna keep going and training more.

This is a problem im currently having. I used to play online all the time, then when I got better… I got embarassed at when I would play a flowchart Ken or a jumping back Akuma fireball (while screaming bullshit on mic) and get my ass kicked… Now before every match I play online I feel my heart pumping, like I’m getting into a real fight.

Grow some balls. Have confident in your skills. The people you’re facing, they’re people, like you and me.