How to get over nervousness at the arcades?

this guy knows.

Yeah man, definantly. Of course, after i got over the nervousness, I used to have the problem of not taking the matches seriously enough, even in tourney. Still, I think its better to have fun than to be nervous/mad.

Thanks for the advice.

Interestingly, its not my execution that goes down the drain, its my decision making skills. I stop being able to think clearly and I end up watching it all happen like a 3rd person perspective…its like being a spectator to your own thought process.

If you have ever been really nervous when talking to a girl/authority figure/parent/police/etc…where you heard yourself saying the dumbest shit ever, and in your head you were screaming “stop saying that stupid shit!!! Oh my god what is wrong with you??”…its a lot like that. Its like being on auto-pilot.

when i first started going to the arcades I got nervous also when I played. Just keep going and over time it wont be there anymore. You will meet people and make friends :slight_smile:

Yeah I was damn nervous when I started out playing in the arcades too. It doesn’t really help when in your first few matches your playing pretty much the best players there. But you eventually get over it. Make friends with the people there, when you know people there you’ll generally feel more comfortable (I did anyway) and then after that just keep playing.

Oh and the most important thing. No one really cares how you’re playing tbh. I thought I had to play really good cos lots of people were watching but that made me play even worse so I just stopped.

If I were you I would just give up on going to arcades.


When you get nervous, that if your fight or flight response kicking in. It helps us survive when the going gets tough. For some reason it kicks in when we don’t need it to, like when we go to play competitive video games. What’s awesome about this is when you decide you want to give it all you got and kick some ass your body will allow you to focus more intently on something. I personally can’t play well unless I get nervous. It helps get me in the zone.

The only real advice someone can give you is to keep going because eventually you’ll feel as comfortable as you do at your home. Shit, I’m nervous as fuck always, but the best thing to do is say fuck it I’m just gonna try my best, and fuck the rest. Hey, look, that shit rhymed. Seriously, though, you have to condition yourself to be comfortable by exposing yourself MORE and MOOOORE.

Also, if you want you can give yourself a false sense of confidence by telling yourself that you’re the best player there, and that everyone else is a pushover. If you do that you can sort of trick yourself, and feel good.

make as many friends as you can, and try to learn from the “best” players in your area, they may be able to help you up your game, gamers can be very friendly contrary to popular belief.

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slow the pace down. Instead of thinking of beating the opponent, try to make it a thinking game. the truth is, if you dont play hard in anything then you shouldnt play. People who are at arcades LOVE to watch as well as play. So if your still having trouble with yourself, try to be a form of entertainment, that also kinda sooths me.