How to get owned and counter RC Honda (Vid Inside)


good shit

whoever charlie is (1st poster?) good shit man, takes a lot of nerves to do so well vs mago. I thought your a-vega was doing good too, then he hit that level2 :frowning:

This is really good. Charlie I’ll play your A-groove team! >_<

Lol damn i thought…charlie…i know a charlie…then i saw the match and thought it was so familiar…lol nice going man. Makes me want to play you all the more even though i am not near your level of skill. Good shit man, i didnt know the guy you were facing was Mago, and i think you did pretty damn good vs him. /cheer.

damn that was too fuckin good.

very good shit man. hitting that super with cammy second game with P-groove would’ve made it a lot more interesting. i know how nerves can fuck with execution though:sweat:

parry, parry, uppercut vs. RC hands with kyo was solid. did it help being right next to mago so you could hear him buffering it? some people shut everything out, but sometimes listenting to what buttons your opponent are pressing is helpful.

I actually did tried to do a super prior to the last hit of that super, but I messed up.

The reason why I could parry, parry, uppercut was because I saw the hands animation. I saw honda’s roll first prior to his RC hands, so I knew its coming :lovin: . My ears were kinda shut off. All I can hear was crowd noises.

I rely on my parries most of the time. I forgot I had a super meter until at the end :lol:. I did tried to do a super before the crowd goes, “ooooh”, but I messed up :sweat:

Hey are you going to PSM?