How to get rid of an bad habbit (c.LK)



Hi guys, how do I get rid of that? I getting counter hit all day, because I am masing in blockstrings, it’s probably so hard for me, because it works quite often at least online, that I get the med- sk in between those blockstrings :confused:


Watch the character feet distance while blocking and stop pushing so many buttons. There’s no need to mash tech when they are out of throwing range. You should be more snappy about the few characters with kara throws though.

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Thx, working on that right now! :slight_smile:


There is no need to mash it, like supranovax said, pay attention to foot spacing. Also look to see if they go from a crouching position to a standing one, which will be an indicator of a grab (thus you can tech).

Practice just pressing the till you find the proper rhythm as well. That’s how you get that perfect lk combos.


All about Ask yourself the right questions. why u use it at certain situations?find answers.