How to get SFIV for $49.99 and CE $69.99

#1 just put Street Fighter IV up for pre-order at $59.99 and $79.99 respectively. This is both $10 cheaper than any stores in Canada.

Use the promotional code MAPNEWNCSAVE and get $10 off the price. Shipping on the order is free since the order is over $40.

You can only use the code once though. Not sure if this works for users.

Enjoy! :woot:


my friend at work just e-mailed this around the office ~haha

thanks man!


Or you can get the regular edition for around 10 bucks a couple days after release, with a lil work. And my fav website.


NP craze. Just helping out a fellow Canadian!


Sweet, I may pick this up. I have a CE preordered from EB right now, though.

Any idea how fast ships? Can I expect it to come on Feb 17th, or is it going to take an extra 3 or 4 days?


The shipping delay is easily my biggest concern. I’ll be honest in saying it’s worth the extra $10 - $20 to have the game on opening day and be able to play with everyone else instead of waiting on the sidelines. Any insight into Amazon’s shipping habits would be greatly apprecaited.

Grafik; thanks for the information. I’m sure many here appreciate it.


I tried to order the PC version with the code and it gave me an error saying the code is from an international site and cannot be used with Even though I am on =(


looks like i am gonna cancel my preorder with EB …


edit: so who will have me over to their place on SFVI launch night??? :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up. I will try this for the FightPads if it works on the US amazon.


Thanks, man!! :smile:


Code problem

I got an error when I tried to use the code at checkout on the store.

If you get this error as well then the problem you have is that you’re using an account that you’ve previously ordered something on. This promotion code works on new accounts only.


CA only for the code?


Normally when it’s a big title, you’ll receive it on launch date… normally…
Anyways, Gears 2 came at my door step on launch date.
Also, at EB you get a headband… Amazon doesn’t, but you save like 12 bucks?

yeah, it’s only Canada


I elected to go the pre-order route for the non CE because I don’t give a fuck about headbands or anime or homo colours or whatever else comes with it.

Amazon (if you take the free shipping) is $56.49

Retail is $79.09

Savings is $22.60

I think it’s worth waiting for. I may have to stay off the Internet to avoid losing my mind with everyone raving about the game (or shitting on it no doubt) but it seems a waste otherwise.


Thxs grafik


Thanks for the heads up.

Worked for me when I tried it. Didn’t think it would at first because I’d bought from Amazon before but I guess it was from the .com and not the .ca site.

Went for the regular version. With the exchange rate 56 CND converts to 46 USD, not bad. And like Nagata said I don’t really care for the CE extras. The Anime and Soundtrack will be released on torrent/p2p anyway.


Thanks Grafik! Saved me $10!


The CE has just be sold out on amazon as of now.


Very cool, thanks a lot man! Just pre-ordered and everything worked great.


Oh man for those who didn’t preorder DO IT NOW with this you’ll be 10 bucks richer!