How to get the art

Can someone point me out on what kind of paper the art for arcade sticks use? Or something like that… Hell can someone just tut me through putting art on a stick?

There really isn’t a tutorial needed for this kind of thing. Print it on whatever you want. Obviously try to pick something durable, if you can. Cut out the necessary holes. Put it on top of the panel (with plexi on top of it, hopefully). Done.

Most people print on 10 pt glossy paper. You can go to Kinkos or Staples to get them printed. Just save them as an adobe pdf file.

Like ths but not necessarily this art…

It’s called a ‘Control Panel Overlay’ aka ‘arcade contact paper’.

u know what i always wonder
if we can play sf on mame on key board with the directionals on the right, how would a stick feel on the right,
buttons are easy to press, while directional has to be fast and prompt and righthanders would be at adv, hmm

yes! that’s exactly what info I needed! thanks! but one more question, do we need to glue/adhesive it to the stick or just lay it on?

I believe if you have a sheet of lexan to put on top, you won’t need any adhesive, otherwise, I’d use some.