How to get the most out of Training Mode?

Alright, we all know the AI in CvS2 sucks hard, and the training mode is definitely lacking in some functionality. Competition is the only way to really get better, but how can we use the training mode to help improve?

Post here in tricks you know of to help improve yourself. For example, record the player doing nothing but walking towards you for the full 10 seconds, and playback. I do this to practice tough links and other ground combos (blankas c.short s.jab xx blanka ball).

Also post any tricks for testing out setups or traps. For example, I was playing around with Hibiki, and wanted to test what a c.roundhouse would setup. A short jump over and standing fierce seemed to be both a minor mixup (jumping over them when down) and a meaty attack when they wakeup. I had kyo recorded to mash crouching jabs, and the s.fierce got him everytime, telling me it wouldnt be interupted by normal attacks. Is there a better way to do this? Maybe spamming blankas fierce electricity?

Please post any tricks or techniques you have for making the training mode actually helpful.

Well when i used to do the training mode thing i mostly practiced my execution and reaction time. I practiced a few CC’s just to get the timing, I worked on getting using and avoiding negative edge, and one of the better things i did was set the cpu to “Random Counter hit” and “random blocking”. Helps you to get conditioned on recognizing big openings and captilizing on them.

Since good competition is pretty abundant around here, I use training mode to practice things like roll cancelling. Record the computer tossing fireballs at you and then try to roll cancel through fireballs. A tip that PSX gave me that helped me improve my game a lot was remembering how someone beat me, and to record what they did in training mode, then see what I can do against it so next time they can’t abuse the same tactics.

I use Training mode to practice arcade skills. I usually practice things like roll cancel, parry, JD, CCs, Presure strings and corner traps. Just put the CPU on at a max of 8 stars to test ur strings and traps. If the AI can get out easilly then it aint a good string. Record supers of all sorts and train against the dummies using RC, Parry and JD. Make sure that you go to training options in the pause menu and turn on attack data. And when u practice CCs turn the player’s gauge from infinite to recover so that the damage and hits will be acurate. Training does alot of good for my game, but its best to get a stick so that you can keep your arcade skills up too.

Oh yeah BTW. Ducky, Thats one of the phatest Avatars I’ve ever seen. Who made it for you??? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

rc’ing on playstation… yea right :cool:

Umm, you can rc on playstation…

yess RCing is quite eaiser on the controller where u can just slide ut thumb easier.

I use training for CC’s maing new ones up. checking dmg between combos.

goining up close and make the comp do a special and trying to parry. becuz when ur close u have parry b4 the special comes out.

sometimes to study the comp AI for no reason and mostly fight ult rugal or shin akuma on 8 difficulty. but gets boring playing by urself.

The only times you cant RC is if your playing the X-box version or the Gamecube version. Or if you just dont know how. :rolleyes:

WHAAAAT :eek: iv heard from lots of people you cant on ps . :confused: guess they were wrong . going to go rc my ps2 to death. is there anyway to know that im rcing without playing a human… dumb question
THANK’s :smiley:

Yeah, just go to dummy settings, record fireballs, and Practice away.

well u dont have to do that u will easly notice they would probably make the sound like they do when they roll and there mite be a little delay when u do the move regularly or see a shoadow.

Easiest way to notice rc’s is to look for your character to move forward a good 10 pixels or so. It’s small, but easily noticeable. That way, you’ll see the difference between cancelling a short into special vs a roll into special.