How to get the solid yellow title?


I just needed to know, and I’m sure others want to as well how do you get that solid yellow title with the portrait of your character on the left?

To clarify I’m a…

lvl 39 Laura
Gold rank
beat survival on hard/extreme
Got the 300 rank wins achievement

still no solid yellow “Shameless Troublemaker” title

How do you do it?


I think you buy it in the store?


Yeah, I bought internet tough guy. Because I’m tough
what? its a real title…


guys seriously? No, it’s a character specific title. You can’t buy in the store…


You might need more ranked wins.


Uhh thanks…but how many exactly?


No one knows; there’s a shit load of threads all over the internet saying the same stuff. No one knows.


Ctrl + F “How to Unlock?”


I’ve read this and it just says"???" for the yellow one. It’s a bust man. What was Capcom thinking here?


I remember people saying you would have to get your character to level 50 for that title to unlock, but I don’t know if that’s been confirmed.


I’ve seen plenty of ultra silver and gold people with the title around lvl 35-40. I’m 39 and don’t have it though.


You get 1 water, 2 EX and 2 Master titles from leveling up a character. The Yellow title is obtained by winning a certain amount of ranked matches with a character (dunno the number :S ).


a lot of ranked wins. A LOT. probably 200


Ok guys, finally got the yellow title I wanted. Was about 200 wins after recieving the second plate title “sparring partners wanted”. So I assume that it’s 500 ranked wins.