How to get the timing/execution correct?


I didn’t expect performing real combos to be this precise and difficult. Is there a way or a rhythm/trick to do combos correctly? Everything moves so fast even when you’re attacking so it’s hard to pay attention to the hits-parks and input accordingly while having to worry about performing other things such as high low attacks.


Try double tapping. It helps me get some of the timing down then just single tap. There’s height restrictions for certain things so you should think sometimes you might want to delay a move or speed it up a little bit. This goes for canceling too.

There is a blue bar under the Combo Counter. It is a hit stun frame bar, use it to your disposal.


I’m on a Pad for now, awaiting my stick, but than I’ll have to get adjusted to Stick.

I’m trying to do Chie’s challenge 20.


:eek: Just practice.

And by practice, I don’t mean grinding the same motions and timing over and over. As Suparnovax suggested, try different timings; slow things down or speed things up; perform cancels when characters are lower to or higher off the ground; try inserting microdashes if you can’t reach in some instances.

Just practice and be able to realize a situation where you can say, “Okay, this isn’t working, but I feel if I adjust parameter X, I can get it.”