How to get these "Gamers" intrested in Fighting games?

I live in a country where fighting games is just all about "Mortal Kombat and Tekken"
The other fighting games ?..THEY DON’T CARE :mad:
and u know what ? They don’t even know how to play those Games !!! they just love to mash buttons and learn how to FATALITY.
to them, Fighting games = MK
u won’t believe it but in our Biggest Gaming site the only thing they’re posting about in MvC3 thread is asking that WHAT is MvC3 ?! is it a game like MK (fighting game)?! is it worth Downloading !? and someone just played the game and reviewed it.He said that the game is Entertaining just for ONE HOUR !!! OMG ! after seeing that I just came here and created this thread :shake:
there ARE several people like me who love Fighting games though.I wish we had a BIG Community like u guys :sad:
btw I live in IRAN :expressionless:

Maybe they just like the accessibility of MK and Tekken? I mean, they are more “intuitive” for the average player, and they give big rewards and showmanship for “free”.

MK is a franchise based on brokenness and they just starting to come out of it; I don’t think you can get them interested in games that need much tighter execution tough, SF and Marvel vs are not games you can pick up and take off 50% of a health bar.

I think it’d be easier for you to just move to another country.

Mexico is a KoF and VS series country, most of the 3D games never took off here; SFEX did have a following tough, and pretty much everybody dropped MK on number 3.

Maybe show them videos of what the other games offer at high level play? I still think they prefer those games becuase of easier low level play with high rewards vs SF “punches and kicks and special spam” gameplay.

I know a lot of people prefer Tekken since it’s more “realistic” since it doesnt have fireballs.

No kof? Where the hell do you live? Madripoor? Or did somebody create a new country by jury-rigging a floating island of trailer parks?

Well, punching a person 8 feet into the air with a punch is still pretty realistic.

Yup…and morticians hate when someone blows themself up or suicides off a tall building…all those spare skulls and ribcages have to be counted and tagged, then a semi-presentable corpse has to be cobbled together with the right pieces for the funeral.

What is this MVC3 you are talking about? Is it like MK? Is it worth downloading?

does random ultra
does ABC super


try to hold your own tourneys with your friends or what not supporting you and your chosen 2D sprite fighters,…
then record the matches and upload them up in iran’s most watched streaming site.
maybe that will start a iranian movement towards 2D spriters being socially acceptable or pursued in interest?
its just a thought.

Have you ever tried to teach anybody with no experience whatsoever to do a half circle forward plus a button motion? Did you notice how they stop trying at the fourth or so attempt when they can’t get it down?

Have you noticed how in Tekken and MK, most specials are back, forward and button? And how mashing in those games usually ends in something cool happenning?

That’s the difference, I have met no one who randoms a super if it’s their first time playing, much less pulling it off and landing it.

I have this problem as well, two of my floormates are semi pro at Halo and TF2, respectively, and I’ve been slowly but surely getting them into fighters, but they pretty consistently would rather play shooters and games like Killing Floor.

I’ll try that , thx

yeah but, moving to another country is just another big problem :wink:

I tried that before with SSF4 . they were just "Meh " !
something else i forgot to mention was that when SF4 was released on PC, many people purchased the CD Key to play online.
they played a little and after they were CRUSHED they just dumped the game and never looked back :expressionless:
They never try to learn u know… they just become a PRO in a game in one night :))

Well, it’s not fun to lose almost all the time.

The game itself doesn’t matter. Most people don’t wanna do the switch from casual play to competitive play (and they aren’t fit to be competitive anyway), no matter which title is it.

Let me tell you this much, you just don’t know. There could be a scene and a community around some good game that you don’t even know about. There is one almost everywhere. It doesn’t even take that many people to build a good “community”. Like 12 people.

Edit: Oh and you have some shitty ass friends.
Edit2: You know there’s always GGPO or w/e else

due to our Shitty Connection (much more Shittier than u think) we can’t play with people from other Countries without input lag :expressionless:

oh yes ! Do you ? :smiley:

There are scenes and Community for Games u know(i.e WarCraft-StarCraft-Killzone…)
but there are NO scene or Community for Fighting games !
forget about iran. How can we get people intrested in Fighting games in General ?
some people believe this genre is only for kids ;))

I wish there were more open mindedness amongst people but i think the best way is to give examples and showing them you doing the motions.

I support the rights of videogames in Iran

Yes you can, you should be able to play Euros at <150ms from Iran. If it’s anything better than 56k you should be able to.

(Edit: And Pakistanis, Moroccans and the Middle East, if you play KoF that is)

150ms means you can play with 1-2 frames of input delay on GGPO.

Are there arcades in Iran? Rhetorical question, I know there are. Find them. Sure there may not be a gigantic online console-based fighting game community but I’m sure you have at least 5-6 people at a decent level in some fighting game. That’s all you need anyway. Also why can’t you just play the games these people play? You mentioned Tekken and MK. It’s better than nothing isn’t it?