How to get these "Gamers" intrested in Fighting games?


Actually I have managed to get this exact scenario right, to get quite a few people interested in my games, I have a solution let them win

do random uppercuts that leave you open
do a super that leaves you open, so they can punish
use mainly your weak hits, to do less damage
use weak slow fireballs
weak specials

So they like Tekken huh practice your heart out in Tekken until you can break the game, depends on how good they are, causal would be easy, the better they are at it the more your going to have to practice, but their are guides fourms youtube all this helps…

Then trash them in Tekken until you can see they are getting angry and say hey why don’t we play game X… then let them win you have let go of winning, I just think to myself that it’s fun to play different characters and try different moves setups combos etc, all the while letting them win, giving them helpful tips here and there. let them beat you at least 4 times in a row, ( I say a couple of weeks of this depending on the ego should be enough to get them hooked) then win 1 at most…until they are more comfortable with the game, once they’re hooked, up that skill, still if you see they’re losing heart start losing again, just tell yourself your not really losing your letting them win, so it isn’t so bad, also pretending to be angry or upset when they win, works well.

Hope this helps a little, it has def worked for me even for non fighting gamers(def easier) but I’ll admit that Tekken pros won’t be that easy to pull. Winning is a drug and everybody wants it, first few 100 times are free but then, heh lol, it’s too late.


Not being able to do a QCF and giving up after a short number of tries is extremely disappointing…When I started taking Killer Instinct more seriously, I wanted to know how to do special moves, I googled a move list, says D, DF, F… Done, one attempt, I knew how to do a QCF just like that.


Based on the community description, I thought it will be “I live in Russia”, honestly :rofl:


really? I have met plenty of russians on SF IVpc and SSFIV xbox360.


but in 90’s nothing was imported aside of MK1-2-UMK3 for sega genesis and everyone ended up playing MK here, and when PSX was released, it basically added Tekken 3 to this bunch (the early emulation of PSX game on bleem! added to its success heavily); and MKT, MK4 came out for the PC as well. Not many people went for PS2/XBOX when those came out, so instead Guilty Gear XX Reload was the next big boom (as it was accessible on PC). It is still played online even though AC netplay with Demul is now possible; because many still have low-end PCs.

As for SF4, it came out comparatively recently, and yes its also got popular because of being accessible on a PC.

Basically now Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Bryan, Hwoarang, Yoshimitsu etc are cultural icons in Russia, whereas Ryu, Ken, Kyo, Iori, Haohmaru, Genjuro etc are relatively obscure characters from obscure franchises.


@ bloodriot
That’s what i’m planning to do from now on ! thx for the tip


Cool, glad to help YerAlma, let me know if you need any more tips, help etc. It works very well for me. Hope it works out for you.


show them the way


i’m from Egypt residing in UAE ,its really an amazing idea i start this strategy then i got a psn invite for practice from hardcore cod player
thank you


Cool quite an amazing country. I would also add that if your using this strategy, always keep the battles close, never crush your opponent and try and compliment the good stuff they did if you can.


MvC3, Three hit ground combo+ launcher +hit +super = 50% with most chars?