How to get used to the lag

When i play marvel or alpha on mame kaillera, ho shit mother fu**** control lags like crazy. A move wont come out till like a second later it gets really irritating and then i see ppl can play just fine/do air combos etc. Do they somehow get used to the lag by playing so much ?

Just like getting used to a new game: practice. The trick I’ve learned is the moves still have to be done with the same timing, it’s just offset a little. For instance, combos are still done with the same timing. You may do the first hit of a combo and not yet see on-screen, but do the whole combo as you would normally, and it will connect as expected. From the best I can determine, the lag is not in the gameplay, but rather in the transmission.

I see, i can understand that bit. Btw does this happen with CvS2 on xbox live too?

My Xbox is TSOP modded, so I don’t personally play on Live, but from what I’ve read in the Xbox cvs2 section (and other Xbox Live sections here), yes all online fighting games lag.

Welcome to the wonderful world of input delay. I remember playing you, and you having problems.

Yes, you will find it everywhere. Xbox Live, Kaillera, wherever. Your best bet to reducing it is using Mame 0.61, and a fast server.

Just from what i’ve seen so far, lag on kaillera is far worse then xbox live. Live is playable to me but kaillera was horrible. Thats just me though.

a second later? where the hell have you been playing?

If you’ve got a good server (Godweapon) then lag really isn’t thatm much of a factor outside of the random studder. I play a very anticipation heavy style so adjusting to lag came naturally. Basically think about what you want and execute just before you normally would have wanted it. As long as your ping isn’t something ridiculous, it should flow pretty well and after a while you won’t even notice the input delay.

Yes and No, it depends on where you live. My ping on GW is alright but I still get lag at least once about every round. It just depends on where you live and the location of the server. When you play ST is when you really notice the lag.


yes lets all travel thousands of miles with our combined 20 bucks and play together

to get used to lag the best think to do is play in it

All good and well to know that for combos you have to keep the timing, just start the input earlier - but what about reacting to stuff? Like in ST, which relies so heavily on good execution, to have half-second to a second delay on reversal dp’s, and even the timing on blocking needs to be re-learned just for Kaillera…

It shouldn’t be literally a second.
Make sure you’re playing somewhere where you have under 100ms (GodWeapon probably).
Also make sure you’re using MAME32k 0.64 and your connection is set to Good (20ms).

Some games work better than others online. ST and Alpha 3 I find, suffer a lot because jump-ins become wayyy overpowered.

You don’t get used to the lag. The lag gets used to you! [/que creepy music]

We’ve told you guys before that to reduce the lag is to play with mame .61 for alpha, and mame .60 may 3 edition for kof. And play on Excellent(30).

Nobody ever listens cause majority doesnt do it.
Everyone that’s played on it knows that it’s better.

When i come back to kal, i’m playing on those and nothing else.

I thought there was some other build of Mame, like HKmame or something along those lines that was supposedly better than old mame builds?

What I hate about this lag is how button mashers get away with more than they should, since it is easy to mistime combos and attack strings, and mashers don’t try to time anything, thus they will hit you out of alot of strings, and throw mindgames…irritates me that so many players on kaillera are just that, mashers.

Turtling > Mashers. That’s what I’ve found.
Even straight rush-down doesn’t work sometimes, because they pull some of the weirdest shit out of the blue. Matches become dull when your opponent isn’t paying any attention to what you’re doing.

I’d use 0.61, but I’m on kaillera for competition, and considering that maybe 0.01% of the population uses it, it doesn’t seem viable for anything other than playing the people I already know.

There’s no comp in a laggy game, atleast in my scrubby opinion. How can you even have fun or even improve in a game when the lag is like that?

Isnt maybe, “0.01%”, the population of people that can actually play the game well?
Atleast that’s how i remember it. Also, looking at how many times i see everyone here posting up BGs in the Bad Games thread, i say it’s STILL the same.

There’s people that enjoy playing in the lag with the shitty EMUs and more power to them though.

When i was losing to random players picking Blanka, just as bad as the Gief and Chun. I knew there was a problem. Haha you cant ever react to the blanka balls, even when you see it coming. And sweeps being all spectacular meaty.

It’s just like Kof on that same tip, running into Iori fireballs or just straight up not blocking that shit. Whiffing counters for people’s rolls and getting hit out, making your work to bait the roll useless etc.

I understand where you’re coming from though. I just don’t agree with you.

I remember when i used to be on there, godweapon had stopped me from using Excellent(30). I hope it’s not like that still.