How to get Yellow color with an RGB led with Akishop PS360+

Hi I’m trying to build a player indicator with led that chooses one player by color, with Red, Green and Blue I have no problem because each one of them uses a single pin, but I don’t know how to do with Yellow because it needs two pins (Red + Green) so I would like to know how can I light up the yellow color with an RGB led.

Let me make sure that I understand what you’re saying, you want player one to be red, two to be green, three to be blue, and four to be yellow? If I’m reading you right, you can do this fairly easy with a logic chip. Something like a dual 4066 with both inputs shorted to vcc, an output connected to each color you want to mix, and both switches connected to p4. I can maybe whip up a schematic later if need be.

Yeah the PS360+ has 4 led outputs so when I have 3 players is ok but the 4th player is the problem.

Here is what I want to do with an RGB led:

Player 1 = Blue (Vcc + Blue wire)
Player 2 = Yellow (Vcc + Blue + Red wire)
Player 3 = Green (Vcc + Green wire)
Player 4 = Green (Vcc + Red wire)

If I’m not wrong the chip you are mentioning is this one right?

The problem is with player 2 because I need two wires from one pin.

If you make me an schematic I will be appreciated.