How to go about finding a replacement HRAP1 faceplate?

Due to a recent accident (A TV fell), my HRAP is a bit out of shape. The box and the parts are all fine, but the faceplate is severely bent, and so I’m looking to find a new one. Problem is, it’s kind of a weird part to be replacing, so I’m worried I’d have to buy a whole new stick to find someone selling one. To make matters worse, I use a seimitsu stick, so I’d have to make sure to avoid models of HRAP for which attaching one is difficult.

Anyone had this problem and know what I can do?

Look here.

Forget about getting a metal plate if you cant cut it yourself or find one. If i were in your situation I would just get a piece of lexan use that to replace the metal plate. Just remember to sand down the edges, so you dont cut yourself.