How to go about getting better at the game


Now I know that the title seems a little vague, well alright extremely vague.

To put it into perspective I’m just below average I’d say I win some matches but every now and then I get my ass handed to me, I’m also really inconsistent, against the same person I can play well and destroy him one round then turn around and be destroyed the next.

I get the notation used on the forums for combos etc. but then I’m not sure on what some things mean like:

  • Cross Ups
  • Overheads

etc. and I’ve tried looking in the glossary it just doesn’t seem to sink in.

I know the first thing would probably be to decided a character to play as and at the minute I’m playing as 2 most of the time, Zangief and M.Bison, I’m probably better as Bison.

So yeah there we go just wondering if some people have some pointers they could share.


A cross up is a jumping attack that jumps over the opponent and hits them on the opposite side.

An overhead is an attack that MUST be blocked high.

That being said, watch TBird’s beginners videos and keep practicing.