How to go about getting unbanned from Levelup stream?


Sorry for the inane thread, wasn’t sure really where to put this either. But I was wondering if anyone could advise me on how to go about getting unbanned from the levelup live stream chat, who to msg/pm or whatever, i dont really know how to go about this.

Been banned for ages, since like the first weekend the ‘Oni is banned’ troll reared its ugly head, for absently minded throwing my hat in with a ‘Skullomania is banned <Kappa>’. Now with the gift of hindsight, this joke is neither very funny nor clever, but a bannable offense? Well I think thats a bit overkill, especially when you see some of the hateful xenophobic copypast that floats around on the stream. Its no fun not seeing the streamchat and missing out on all the monstering and buzz from watching it live, especially since im from uk and sometimes make the effort to stay up late to catch guard crush and some of WNF. I

Help a guy out, peace


Levelup did you a favor…just say no to Stream Mongrels.


Oh sure, especially when I was quite eager to subscribe to Levelup to show my support for the stream community, but then I realised oh wait I cant cuz of overzealous moderators.

thanks for being a douche when im just trying to ask an earnest question.


He wasnt being a douche. He’s saying stream chat is bad.


iirc, if you’ve been IP banned for a long ass time or were banned for no reason, you can contact twitch tv support and they will help you out. Unless the ban was totally justified.

levelup is also able to manually remove your account from the banlist, though I’m not sure if levelup knows how to do this or if it’ll help if you’ve been IP banned.


Dont think im IP banned cuz it just says im banned from that stream, I can participate in other stream like the spooky stream. I tried msging levelup on twitch tv directly, but it says they dont accept messages from anyone they dont follow, so do you know where I have to direct my request?

thanks for any help


Why don’t you just PM Alex Valle directly?

Geez people THINK!


Post in GD.


Alex Valles user name is? And how is this supposed to be obvious to me? I very much doubt that its Valle that deals with it, it would be more likely to message a mod on their stream, but I dont know any of their usernames. Its not like their lsited anywhere. Which is why I was asking in the first place.

Be a bigger douche.


calling everyone a douche won’t help, that’s for sure.
i don’t have an answer myself because stream chats are scummy in my opinion,
just trying to help you get an answer.


Gee i wonder why you where banned.


Yeah… who does that Valle guy think he is, anyway? :confused:

It ain’t like he contributes in any way, shape, or form, amirite?

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>Gets banned from a fucking stream chat. Is emotionally distressed.


I don’t know maybe the same fucking name he uses for EVERYTHING ELSE IN HIS LIFE. WHAT THE FUCK!

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