How to go about learning Akuma?

Hey guys.

Recently, I’ve decided that I want to learn Akuma, To a good standard. His Mixup, Vortex, Setups, Combo’s. All the good stuff.

I come from a Blazblue background, I’m no stranger to steep learning curves and I do know how much time it can take to truly get a character like Akuma down to a fine art. Much longer than this thread will last.

I’m no stranger to fighting game mechanics. I understand Zoning, Wakeup, Oki, meaty, as I hope many of you do too. So i’ll TL;DR all the shit I was going to write and do what I have to do.

Also, I understand numerous FAQ threads and “How to xxx” Threads exist, But mine are quite specific and I’d like some “Tailored” replies because im a picky bastard.

  1. How long am I looking at to fully understand Akuma’s basic gameplay
  2. Where is the the best place to start off and why?
  3. Is it rewarding? Is the time spend training worth the reward?
  4. What exactly is the Vortex?
  5. U1 or U2? (Matchup dependent, I know)

Thank you in advance for the replies. It’s much appreciated.

Anyone’s answer to your questions would basically be a re-hash of the things already in the stickies. Give them a read.

Yeah, read the stickies and watch the videos from LordofUltima on youtube. He did them in Vanilla but most things still apply so they will help you.

I kind of made a similar thread like this, it is titled “Where am I going wrong”, give it a search it’s in this forum. It is kind of like my progression from a 1 week old Akuma to where I am now. Give it a read, it should help you :slight_smile:

Many thanks all of you.

If you’re in the UK and on XBL gimme your GT and I’ll add you. I’ll be more than happy to help you :slight_smile:

Just lose. Lose until you win consistently

Roughly 3-6 months before you stop losing to people you know are worse than you. Over a year until you stop losing to people on your level

In my opinion

1- Depends on how much effort and practice you’re going to put into it, I’d say with enough reading and practice on daily basis you can get a very good idea (i.e not master) about Akuma’s basics in a month and half or 2.
2- Learn your BnBs (hitconfirms and punishers), Akuma’s AAs and how to use his best pokes then move on to the vortex.
3- Yes it’s rewarding, practicing & learning new character specific setups in training mode with Akuma is essential IMO.
4- Vortex = Oki after untechable knockdowns, so basically his mixup game.
5- U1 in 98% of matchups because it has many uses specially defensively when used properly, U2 is preferred or is optional in a few.

  1. Practice bnbs in training mode until your hands fall off.
  2. Learn match-up specifics. (Safe jumps, zoning, counter-hit setups)
  3. Practice Akuma’s option-selects (especially demon-flip OS’s after scoring a knockdown).

It’ll take a while, but that ought to give you some sort of direction.

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Went ahead and fixed that for you

That kinda actually makes me feel better about my win percentage being around 30%, ive been using Akuma since may and id say have about 1500 matches online.