How to go about teaching a scrub street fighter

so i wanna teach this kid I know how to play SSF4 I know the mechanics but don’t where to start any ideas someone

Start with telling him how to block high and low. Warn him that jumping a lot is not a good idea in Street Fighter and have him anti-air your jump-ins with good normals.

Start by not calling him a scrub…

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If you know what your doing, simply have him ask you any specific question and you just give him a specific answer.

oh ok ill make a note of that

Well I started by teaching my friend the basic fundamentals. Most people seem to start teaching themselves by trying to learn the best combo they can but then thats all they try and do and it slows their learning because its all they think about.

The order I start to teach people is:

[]Movement (just jumping forward back and neutral, dashing and walking) I still do this myself for 10 to 15 mins everytime I come on to keep my movement in check, it helps with every aspect of the game offensively, defensively and can really be key to escaping trouble too, I do it because it also helps you keep self disciplined so you dont do stupid things like jumping in all the time. So its definitely worth teaching him this as a priority. It may seem obvious how to move but its also about understanding when and where to move to.
]Blocking high and low as CSword said. While on this subject you should move on to teaching him about overheads and grab teching too because if he is blocking low then he needs to know why hes getting hit or how to prevent himself getting grabbed. While on the subject of grab teching you should teach him about throwing backwards and forwards and in which situations each direction is useful. I teach grabbing with blocking because there will be times that he will go to grab expecting a tech but he gets a grab so he wants to throw them toward the corner for example. Also this moves onto the next point which, while still having defensive aspects also moves away from not getting hurt to actually hurting the opponent.
[]**Focus Attack, **you only have to teach him this in SF4 so other games you can skip this step. Explain to him the properties of focus armour, raw dash cancel (explain that you can use FADC to cancel moves but you will explain that further later), focus levels, crumple. Also teach him how when and where to use it and how it can be punished.
]Normals, get him to run through his characters normal moves and understand what the uses are for each one. Teach him pokes, counter pokes, footsies and anti air normals and demonstrate and explain their uses by jumping in, poking and counter poking him yourself in return. Explain that normals still have both offensive and defensive aspects but can also add up to big damage if used effectively and can be linked into his specials.
[]**Specials, **do the same with these as you did with the normals. Explain to him how to do the inputs and help him learn and fully understand the properties of each and when and which situations to do them in. Cover the topic of the super bar being split into the 4 EX bars and how these can be used to perform enhanced versions of his specials. Run through those properties with him also.
]Super, having already discussed EX bars you can then move onto the characters super and help him learn how to use this effectively and how he builds and manages this meter efficiently.
[*]Ultra, explain the difference between the super and ultra and how you build Ultra through recieving damage or soaking hits up with focus. Teach him the ways he can land his ultra consistently ie With Yang you can focus attack crumple, standing medium kick and then do U1 or U2. Now youre crossing over into more intermediate territory towards links and combos.

Those are the absolute basics he needs to master 1st just to get him started on the mechanics of the game. I think you can see how Im moving between the subjects now and why I teach my friends in this order so you dont end up just jumping around and confusing them. I hope thats enough to help you for now and set you on your way, if you see the flow then you maybe be able to teach him the rest of the advanced stuff without much more guidance. Ive almost written enough for it to be a basic walkthrough for him in itself. If he is using a standard controller, enjoying the game but finds as he advances that he is beginning to struggle to improve and get more consistent then you can point him in the direction of a fight pad or fight stick. If you need advice on teaching him how he should hold and use whichever he goes for then let me know.

Well if you care for a list:

  1. Basics, tell him how the game is played including meters and tools such as focus attack

  2. Input, if he can’t press what he wants when he wants he wont get better that includes practical combos

  3. Methods, tell him formulas that may work on those who don’t know about the formula. Such as turtling, safe moves, frame traps, unavoidables, unblockables.

  4. Perception, give some tells where say the other person does a certain thing or move a certain way you already know what they are going to do because after all the matches you played versus many people you start noticing things. This includes your own movement such as spacing and making it hard for them to know what you are going to do by either doing it too fast or too slow.

  5. Mind games, give him advice on strong mix ups, if he knows strong mix ups then he’ll be able to block them just as easily. Know what the opponent will or will not block, counter or grab. Even if he has the advantage you simply change and use different things at different distances at different speeds and you could get a come back easy enough. If you change a lot all the time, you basically become unreadable.

Is he a scrub or a begginer/noob??

There is a huge difference.

Don’t forget which character he feels best with. Either that or start with Ryu or Ken -_-

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he’s a begginer/noob my bad