How to go well with alex in a decent match

it just …
i’ve been really suck with 3rd strike lately
i just lose to local scrubs lately , especially ken akuma ryu …

someone cure me …

how do i start …the guy move back and jump back at 1st …

alex is all about mix-ups

if you’re playing against scrubs anyway, use SGH =P


blocked/hitting elbow supercancelled into MP SGH owns scrubs for free (scrubs only, beware!!!)
then you go with HP Flash Chop, HP Powerbomb.
it’s all you really need
oh, when you don’t have meter, just sit there and charge with MPs, or poke them away with far standing MK or towards+MP.

I repeat, this is only anti-scrub strategy… don’t expect it to work against good players
(I’m not an Alex player myself, but sometimes I use him against scrubs and I use almost only the stuff I listed above, completely owning them :lol:)
from your sign and you profile, it looks like you are a fan of JoJo and Araki Hirohiko sensei!! I’m a great fan too, Araki is great (even though I didn’t like Stone Ocean as much as his previous works. Steel Ball Run looks promising, btw)

alex having problems with …an urban-assault type akuma …

and it is just a piece of crap when i got cornered by ken …

steve, u need to learn street fighter basics. Do you know what poking is?zoning?corner traps? do u know the 1 button anti-airs for your character? good air-air attacks? proper mixups? U need to learn all these if u want to be good at 3s.

get yourself a gameplan. by watching u play i can tell u need to be more well-versed in basic street fighter gameplay. forget parrying. forget your alex/oro tricks. go pick ryu and learn the game starting from him.

No offense Steve, but ol’Yagami is right.

If you really want to improve, the first step is to know your current skill level. And from what I’ve seen, it ain’t good news.
Don’t call the people you play with scrubs, coz really, you don’t have a right to call them that yet. Again, nothing personal, I know you like the game, so I’m trying to put you on the right path.

Trying to mimic tricks from videos without getting your foundation right first is going to lead to frustration. Alex is a pretty good character to start with, but Ken/Ryu might be better. Even though you might not like them, they are rock-solid characters.

I agree. I strongly recommend learning a bit of Ryu for the basics before you get your feet wet with a bit more advanced char. Another thing you should get your resources on is the EVO 2k3 DVD, which has some of the top players using him in action, mostly KSK- the third place finalis in the 3S competition with an amazingly conservative/ex-rush Alex…

Alex doesn’t take much work, but then again he’s not as easy as people think. These are two of the some things you have to realize when you play him

1- some of his attacks aren’t as recoverable as others, but are priorities to SOME of the rest of the chars agains you. Keeping that in mind, you can’t just rely on just one thing such as FC or EX elbow all the time. i.e- Makoto’s grab CAN, and has been used to, stop the EX elbow in the critical moment before he hits. Therefore it’s best if you exactly know when it’s the best time to use it.

2- mixup and internal zoning- Alex is fun when you can mix up the high’s and lows with him even though his highs and lows are his regular attacks and a few supers. Whiff of a st. sh- to a j. or st. PB and it could work in several occasions, but sometimes you realize you’re too far. So, what do you do? Assemble a plan to LEARN the range when it’s proper to PB. Maybe do a hop to “psyche” him out and then whiff another, then PB…It’s all about varying his attacks so he does’nt get obvious.

Japanese players love him because he’s capable of knocking off guard all tiers without notice. That’s why if you’ve ever seen people such as KSK play with him, they’re prepared with more than one simple way of attacking. In one of KSK’s matches (I think with INO), as soon as his fw. elbow gets blocked he somehow manages to get his ex stomp ready for action until he get his opp. thinkin he might do one or the other (headgames).

Although he fares well than most chars than at least half of the top tier, he’s still a force to be reckoned with. Then again he’s not for every skrub that takes him up and wants to play with him first hand. Experience pays when you know how to get the basics in your hand.

Alex requires you to be extremely good at the following to be even mildly successful at intermediate level:

  1. mixing up and reading opponents (e.g. mind games)
  2. finding ways to get close (e.g. patience and momentum analysis)
  3. poking safely at maximum range (e.g. solid footsies and decent reflexes)

He pretty much gets free wins at scrub level because many people don’t know the engine well enough to learn how to cope with his rushdown and aren’t good enough to keep him out. At that level where players often miss tech rolls, Alex is like a giant, ruthless guessing game: people inevitably pick the wrong options and get frustrated which leads to more free damage. There’s a large dose of randomness in his pressure options (very solid guessing game after knockdowns), meaning he can pretty much beat/lose to anyone depending on luck. Relying on having your opponent guess wrong isn’t a very good strategy compared to what most characters can do, but you can try to counterbalance that by observing your opponent’s reactions.

Much like Makoto, he allows you to annihilate people who aren’t as good as you with mind games alone when you get in. These people could actually be very close to your level, but because you have a small edge in terms of mindgames or analysis (e.g. their evade isn’t nearly as good as your offense), you’ll beat them easily. This is why you sometimes see things like KSK completely owning Ricky at Evo2K3. But then again, for every Y.Y destroying KFGdesiken (Kyushu Taikai), there’s a KSK losing to Justin Wong somewhere in the world (Evo2K2).

The first step to beating Alex is realizing that unlike some characters, he cannot win by turtling or running away -he’s almost like a big slow target that need to find the right moment to get in before the timer ends or his life bars depletes. Most people tend to think about Alex’s rushdown options too much and put unnecessary pressure on themselves, but the truth is that whenever Alex isn’t in close range, the pressure is on him. Not only that, but his defense isn’t all that either: his anti-air ability is decent, but defensive stomps only work against careless/sloppy players, he has very few quick moves and gets crossed up quite easily. In other words, he’s slow.

Therefore against good players who know how to exploit his weaknesses, winning consistently with Alex becomes VERY hard work. The hardest part is learning how to get in against the characters that have natural advantages against you, be it in terms of speed, moves, mobility or meter management -and unfortunatly, the large majority of the cast falls into that category when used correctly. Almost all the characters have ways to shut down Alex’ options to get close and when he finally does find a way to obtain a knockdown, he’s not even guaranteed any damage. The better people get, the less effective Alex becomes overall and at the highest levels, Alex’ offense is pretty much reduced to jumping/dashing a lot and confuse equally skilled opponents. You need good anticipation to manage to overcome his lack of mobility, and this can work against you as well.

This would be a very pessimistic analysis if Alex didn’t have a decent set of mid-range pokes to work with. St. forward and cr. strong are both extremely good and you can usually use at least one of them to frustrate your opponent. This is where you need to have a good grasp of the engine in particular. They’re “counter based pokes”, which means that you can react to your opponent and punish their pokes with them if you’re fast enough -you can use that to make some people re-evaluate their gameplans. Once people stop taking the initiative, you can work on gaining momentum back. The downsides? They don’t do much damage at all, so you can really only use them to set up your knockdown options. When people start realizing that, Alex looks becomes a lot less scary and it’s an uphill battle for you.

Then again, who cares? Alex is just too FUN to play. :wink:

thanks for the advice , you guys talk like a strategy guide;)

I agree with Kane. He is fun, and although most players think that
Alex isn’t a lot of work eventually will turn face when rivaling against top players.

One thing is best to know about him is his ability to charge partition- I was taught that a while back but it’s not as easy to do as some might know with Remy. Then again, KSK showed its prowess while he whiffed an elbow to a random stomp or ex stomp during EVO 2k3. Inspiring as it sounds, it’s another step to take notice of Alex’s strats.

Speaking of which I gotta do a lil more practicing of that on Alex more frequently.:cool:

Do you know any good sites which cover poking, zoning,corner traps etc…

id love to see the basics really explained with depth but ive never seen a site with any sort of content like that.

could ya’ll point me in the right direction?

I would like to see that, as well.

at last i was able to do kara-throw , thanks for the tips yagami