How to Grow or Start Tatsunoko vs Capcom Competitive Scene in your area


I borrowed this blog, from GC Guy on All is - the new home of the Super Smash Bros. community. but since brawl:lame: is a dumb game:arazz::arazz: and we rather play more manly games such as SF4 i might as well bring this blog to my home shoryuken.


Ok, we are all aware, not everyone knows about tvc. mostly when you mention the game all they will hear is capcom. basically tell them its like Marvel vs Capcom 2 but your only using 2 characters and instead of marvel it’s tatsunoko. obviously there not gonna know what tatsunoko is, and it’s kind of hard explaining it so just mention Ryu vs speed racer

Hyping Methods

One method I like to use is, go to a tournament in your area such as Street Fighter 4, you know sf4 tourneys have a lot of people or even that one horrible game brawl or watever. bring a seperate tv and the wii(TATSU OFCOURSE) and some friends you normally play with. play casuals with your friend(s), like show off some long combos, make zero look more badass than he already is, take a cycle through all the characters at the character select screen SOMEONE HAS TO LOOK, do zero’s level 3 everyone ALWAYS orgasms at that especially people who’ve never seen TVC, give the crowd excitement! lastly leave the game there but leave the game on the title menu so it can go on attract mode(intro, cpu game play, records) like a regular arcade machine.

Casual Encounters

This means in your day to day lives you will run across people who are gamers, since this is more competitive gaming specific, hopefully they are willing to play tatsu competitively, either way they have VALUE.
If they don’t play competitively, introduce them to it and let them introduce you to their game of choice.
As you meet these people, invite them over to play, or go with them to where ever they play. Get to know them. if you are much more skilled than them, DON’T GO DAIGO ON ALL OF THEM OR MARN(I WILL PRESSURE YOU UNTIL YOU START RIPPING OUT YOUR HAIR) Sandbag the hell out of them, in case you don’t know what sandbagging is. go easy!. even if it’s possible let them win a couple of times but not too many times or they’ll start to be cocky and start talking trash(BUT! when they start talking trash why not rape them even money match them) after you raped the cocky guy…
Slowly talk to them about competitive gaming. It will be obvious to them you are better, so you do not have to prove it by crushing them. In this stage you are giving them Hope, not destroying them. Talk to people on Shoryuken, AllisFighter, tournaments or even TvC Casual Fests, etc… Slowly introduce them to competitive rules.
Get them signed up on Shoryuken and show them the character specific forums for whatever character they play. They will either read the forum or not, does not matter. If they have an interest in getting better they will do it. If they do not, who cares. Do not PUSH anything on them, just suggest and introduce. Another thing i’d like to add in, do not judge the players character choice. e.x Player picks Frank West "Aw dude! Frank west is the joke character he isn’t good!. NO! don’t do that, that only discourages players. and don’t mention ANYTHING about Tiers.:nono::nono::nono:

At some point they will ask you about tournaments or Casual Fests, or you will tell them you are going to miss TvC at whoevers house on this or that day or EVO2011 or whatever. If they are interested in Competitive Gaming THEY WILL ASK YOU.
Its human nature to “want what you can not have”, at this point in their Competitive Gaming Life, they can not have the tournaments, because they are Scrub Level.

Get to know these people. Friend first, tournament buddy second.
Even if these people never go to an event, no reason you can be friends with them.
You are making new friends, which is far more important. You are developing your people skills, which later in life will pay you.

At this point, I will move on to another scenario and then pick this back up, as the next stage is the same no matter how you found them.

Put Your Self Out There(Recruiting Method)

Not good at the Casual or Chance encounters? Then put effort out there to meet new gamers.
Places to do this: Game stores, Game Centers, Malls, Hobby Stores, etc…
Approach these retailers and ASK them if you can bring a couple of set ups one day and play some Tatsu. Offer to pay $2-$5 per person to just hang out one day and play. YOU bring the set ups, they provide the floor space (for a small fee that you pay so the retailer sees some sort of value in it).
Ask to leave fliers about Casual Fests coming up.

So you have managed to arrange a time to be at Store X and play TvC with 3 to 5 of you, do not try and turn it into smething big, unless it’s some sort of gaming event.

So you have 3-5 ppl and 2 TVs set up in Store X for a couple hours.
The goal of this is to TALK to people who have questions, or ask, or watch. The goal is NOT to be introverted and just Casuals like it is in your basement. You are there for ONE REASON ONLY, talk to people and hand out info.
Bring fliers for your areas next TvC Fest, or have a time when you plan to just casually play with no goals somewhere.
As people ask questions, put the controller down and answer their questions.
Yeah yeah I know you are good at multi-tasking and playing and talking at the same time… blah blah blah
NO YOU ARE NOT. You are good at playing and talking to other people playing at the same time.
When you are split attention, you will sound awkward and stupid to people who do not understand.
I noticed that this is what RoyalFlush does.

Invite these new people to come play sometime.
RULE DON’T MATTER! EVEN IF THEY PLAY WITH 5 GAUGES ON TVC. *** Casual Encounters above. Slowly introduce them to our world of competitive video gaming. See the last half of Casual Encounters for where to go from here.

From Casual and Recruiting to ?

Ok so now, regardless of how you found someone, you have done it.
You have found new players. You have played tvc with them, they have asked some questions, they are (hopefully) on Shoryuken, they have at least seen some serious gameplay and have some interest.

So what now?
A TvC Casual Fest is happening or a TvC tournament (small tournament, local). Invite them to come.
If a TvC Casual Fest - bring them.
If a TvC Tournament - Work something out that they can spectate and play some friendlies, DO NOT let them enter (unless they are very adamant about it).
The goal here is to now introduce them to the Scene. So far they know you and know you are part of something larger. How they want to see what that larger thing is.
Introduce them to some people, let those people know this person is new to competitive tvc.
This is where you will make or break them. This is where YOUR community will either help you or hurt you.
So be smart about who you let them play with and intro them too.
You do not want their first experience to be against people who are all about trash talk and money matches. That will blow this newb out. the people in your community who CARE about new players and want to grow the community not just take money.

Have this new person spectate the tournament, play a few matches in friendlies. Let them see how fun an event can be, but DO NOT let them get destroyed and trash talked to. They should be out nothing more then a Spectator/Friendlies fee, if not comped that fee since their are first timers.

Your purpose at this event is not even to play, its to help your new friend get introduced to the idea of competitive video gaming.
You SHOULD pay your own entry fee for the tournament, even if you do not play in it. The tournament should not suffer in its prize pool because you have a new person with you, but you should consider not playing in the tournament to help protect your newb from the vicious Money Matchers who see this scrub as money making opportunity.

Organize TvC Casual Fests and Ask Some People to Stay Home

Some communities have players that are a-holes. Every part of life has that. Does not mean they are bad people. Does not mean you do not want them at events, but there are times when their influence could be bad for the community.
Lets say three or four of you have worked hard to find 4 or 5 new players.
This could be before you intro them to a tournament, or could be after, in any event they are still newbs and will get crushed by your cities 25th place person.
You have spent time finding these new people.
The goal is help them grow, help the community grow.
Last thing you need is the a-hole coming in and trash talking them out of the community because the a-hole thinks he is all that (and may actually be…could be someone in your areas top 5 or all 5 of them whatever).
Organize Casual Fests with your communities most helpful and most friendly people.
Kindly ask the a-hole to not come to the TvC Casual Fest. If they want to know why, explain it to them.
Your are not being a **** by asking someone who is a **** to not show up because they are a ****.
Again, it has NOTHING to do with not liking them. It has nothing to do with not wanting to play with them, it has EVERYTHING to do with trying to encourage and keep new people coming back. After a couple of these “No A-Hole Allowed” TvC Casual Fests, the new person will be better prepared for the a-hole and able to deal with them.

The purpose of these events is to really introduce the new players to competitive video gaming, but in an environment that allows them to grow and be encouraged, not one that has them playing someone who will tell them how terrible they are at a game they more or less just started.
EVERYONE SUCKS when they just start, especially compared to someone who is a top level player.
So why allow that top level guy to destroy a new person on Day 1 of their new video gaming career?

Find those people in your community. Organize TvC Casuals fest with the sole purpose to helping people get better.

Opinions and Suggestions

Game Centers - Talk to the game centers in your area. Get TvC started at them. Not sure how to go about doing it?
Game Stores - Fliers advertising TvC Casual Fests and events, TvC Casual Fests as described above to recruit new people.

or even your school, yeshz ask your school counselors or even the principle can you organize a tournament.

-ShadowFiend out


This is a good post. Thanks for reposting the info, I’ll try to make use of it a bit more. Seems like Dreamlabs is the best opportunity currently for me/SoCal TvC group right now.


i can probably use this…
since I’ve came from SoCal and know a thing or 2 about the community there,
hopefully I can start this community i got going with TVC in VEGAS!!!
I’ve already met some people that play other games, cause I went to their game night and shit…so yeah
I’ve already played some TVC Players, but their not as good as my level of play…yet…
so I’ll see what I can cook up!!!


i can probably use this…
since I’ve came from SoCal and know a thing or 2 about the community there,
hopefully I can start this community i got going with TVC in VEGAS!!!
I’ve already met some people that play other games, cause I went to their game night and shit…so yeah
I’ve already played some TVC Players, but their not as good as my level of play…yet…
so I’ll see what I can cook up!!!


Honestly, it is up to the player to play the game seriously. You can bring setups to tournaments, to casual gatherings, and show them what the game is like, but it is up to the players themselves to pick the games up. And I don’t think paying people to play will work in the long run. They will take the money, but when cash is no longer flowing, they will leave (though you might have a few people pick the game up).

One suggestion I have is to tell everyone that you will pay a certain amount of money ($20+) if anyone can beat you. If you are way better than everyone else, then you can try using different, or lower tier characters. People like earning or winning money, so it’s a good incentive. It will motivate them to become better. Motivation is they key.


That is a good great method :3 its old school and still works! :smiley:


Good write up


Hopefully, this would spark up TvC’s community much more.


Weekly/Bi-weekly ranbats.

Keep people striving to CONSTANTLY up their competitive level. $10 first time entry, $8 Entry for each ranbat after. From the first entry take $5 for prize pot, $1-2 venue fee, $3 aside for end of ranbat prize. Forgot how the point structure works for ranking battles but it’s not too hard to find a good reference.

I think a factor thats made the tvc community’s growth a bit slow is the lack of direction and knowledge from those experienced with true-fighters to those who are new to the fighting game genre. Many who have played fighters before are able to apply the same principals of fighting games to tvc. From former experiences. they’re able to breakdown mechanics in a much more detailed and methodical way. They’re aware of the characteristics to look out for in characters in order to find both their strengths & weaknesses, allowing you to either abuse or exploit them. They understand the concept of Normal move characteristics and what differentiates good normals from bad ones. (ie Of course damage, Speed, Range, Prioirity, Hit/Blockstun, Recovery, invincibility frames, combo potential, Crossup/mixup potential, etc.).

With a game thats part of the VS. Series, a series that implies a game thats both faster and more “chaotic”, it can be more difficult for newer players to catch these things. At least back in the day there was a lively arcade scene, where players could socialize, talk strats, and very very easily learn from eachother. So that’s why I think that in order for the community to grow larger its important that the more experienced players make a great effort in teaching strategies and concepts of the game to those with less experience.

The forums haven’t seen much life over the last few months and some think that it was due to people holding information close for evo. Well evos over, nows the best time to lvl everyone up and create a much more competitive scene.


The problem I’m having getting a scene built in Riverside, CA is that Wii’s and fight stick for it are hard to come across. I have a Wii and two sticks for it. My partner has a Wii and one stick. People can come by and play, but in order to progress, you have to have them honing their skills at home too, which is impossible with the instruments needed to do so. It’s a little bit much to ask every new player to run out and get a Wii and some sticks, and it’s hard to convert new players into hardcore players when they can’t practice enough to not get beat every time they’re up.

Any suggestions?


The thing is you don’t even NEED a stick to play TvC at a high level so I don’t understand why all the Brawl fans aren’t flocking over to this game that has much deeper mechanics and MUCH more exciting gameplay. Maybe because they’re all n00bs?

Unfortunately, I believe that we will not be seeing TvC at EVO 2011 on account of it being held in Japan and that supposedly Japanese players have dropped the game. It’s a shame because TvC is truly one of the finest fighters ever concocted. How do the Japanese not realize this?

Why does MvC2 get so much love in America? Because it let’s us play as our most treasured heroes of our youth. Why is it not the same in Japan? Don’t they enjoy playing as Casshan, Tekkaman Blade, or Yatterman?


Their version of TvC was beyond broken so I’ve heard. Every character (cept giants) had some infinite trap and baroque helped them set it up.

Chased some players away, hope they realize that UaS is far more balanced, if not, one of the most balanced fighter in the vs series.


Yoshi yes, and the Japanese didn’t play UaS cause of lack of a arcade release. They don’t play online that often and thats a good thing. CGoH is still popular for the fact it has a arcade version.

To Op, Trick to making a scene is make things free the first time and don’t kick peoples ass to hard.


Btw i been wanting to ask, WHERE THE HELL IS DREAMLAB?!


Dreamlab, damn ask Tron, Flush, llnd. You can also ask google seeing that it gives you maps of shits.


Look for Dreamlabs in the Pacific South part of this forum. It’s a pretty popular thread and has the address. By the way Shadowfiend, you should also try to show up to the level up event Alex Valle throws on Wednesdays as well


yeah your right. is it the same price and all that?


dude come to tvc meeting


gah! i will. wait were still talking about alex valles thingie right!? will someone link me!! :frowning:


Level Up info:|up-presents-wednesday-night-fights-%40-hollywood-park-casino-244758/

Dreamlab info:
DreamLab Gaming
1023 South Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, CA, 91007
This is located in a little shopping center, tucked away in the corner. To make sure you’re there, it’s in the same parking lot as Pho Express.

Hope you can make it to at least one of these things. It’d be nice to discuss how to expand our community with ya.