How to guarantee success with EX jump attack + Ultra II



How can I guarantee success with EX jump attack + Ultra II combo? Sometimes it hits and sometimes it dosn’t :frowning:


I think it’s about basically doing it as soon as you land. I think if it as a link, it’s just a really slow one.

Edited - changed ‘can’ to ‘land’.


Do it right after the opponent falls down through the lifebar.


Every character falls differently. Doing it really quick after they passed the Lifebar works on everyone bar Cody in the corner (iirc);
all other possible timings work on some but not even on most. It’s pretty annoying, but that’s the way it is.


they can’t fall past mid screen or you will whiff and die. You have to hit them just before it. this is a little thing i do myself.
ex dive kick. motion the ultra slowly and then all three kicks. It should be a one two three thing and once you get that timing down you’ll not miss the u2 unless its lag or you’re nervous.


Life bar. Always aim for right as they pass life bar.

Mid screen is too low.

Sometimes they fall different. Be on your toes.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve noticed that if u do the ultra right after they go under the characters name it hits, or (and I know this is a bad habit) if ur playing ranked match time it to hit the 3 kicks right when the opponent is in between the pp and bp it hits but the name and pp r virtually in the same area


Sometimes when I’m nervous or frustrated I start doing the qcf motion early and auto-correct myself by doing it fairly slowly. Other times when I’m confident about a situation I can just wait it out, I usually have the timing down so that I can start doing the motions just as I imagine them beginning to fall from the peak of their jump but still confirming with my eyes before I hit the kicks that they’ve fallen.

It sort’ve becomes a “reaction” test rather than a timing thing, when I was trying to learn it based on times I was never landing it. Now I do it based on when I see them fall through the HP bar, I hit it 9/10. It’s still not perfect but I believe it’s something that just gets better with practice. Load up practice mode, EX dive kick -> ultra, and hit or not start and restart so you don’t have to go through the whole animation. I did this for an hour until I had it down.


Do it a billion times in training mode, use different characters, different spacings, different setups, etc…


Aside from the life bar trick, the way I actually look at it is I want to activate it right as the opponents hand are throw out because they are following. You want the freeze from the Ultra activation to happen right as their hands comes out.

Incidentally, I believe that’s also the same time they pass the lifebar as well, so I’m basically saying the same thing.


The way I used to do it was as soon as the EX DK hit I would continuously perform the quarter circle motion, knowing if they’d land in front of me or behind me via experience. Then I would just watch closely until they crossed the life bar and just punch the three buttons and you’re done.

This way you’re entirely focused on their movement so you can punch the buttons at the right time. The timing of the quarter circle motion was irrelevant.


Actually. This is why I say people should spend time in training room. I’ve gotten a lot of experience that month I did fuzzy guard training. I ha to consistently do it after long setup.

As you practice things you practice smaller things. If you practice fuzzy guards, to ex dive kick, focus attack to ex dive, and punishes you should practice this as you do it.


I’ve just recently found that if I do the motion a bit slow (which is always a problem for me, I’ve always played too fast) and I do half circles instead of quarters, I land it every time. Might not work for everyone, but it’s been working for me the past 3 days or so. When there’s a bit of lag, I make sure to double tap as well.

Hope this helps some people :slight_smile:


The way I do is it is look at the position the enemy is in. As soon as you see them being face down, that’s the moment I do it.

As for the motion, I have found that holding down (and then 36, 236) as you wait for the enemy to fall is very helpful.


Fullproof way: do it after you see the puff of smoke on the wall.
No insane timing required. You see the smoke from the bounce, you input ultra. This method works against all characters.


is it possible o negative edge the ultra?
like ex dive, hold Kx3, qcfqcf Kx3?
or are negative edging ultras impossible in this game?


Negative Edge is perfectly possible (and actually needed for Store>U2), but I don’t really see where you would have an advantage with it after ExDive?


I disagree. Ex dive is the best setup for ultra 2. Any chance you get to do it… Do it!!! It always adds to the ultra…never scales it. She gets over 500 damage on most of them.

J.strong > ultra should only happen if they’re really low. Its better to j.strong > ex dive kick > ultra.

Same for focus attack. Back dash > ex dive kick > ultra.

As a punish, if you can. If you need to do j.strong xx ex dive kick do it.


I’ll be working on a video tentatively named “its over 500!”. It will go over the ex dive kick punishes that I’ve found. It’s the difference between 480max and 530max.


Never use it unless you’ve created an opening. I.e. The situations I put up.

Focus attack

These are all times in which you would have done ultra anyways…I’m saying…add some damage for 1 bar.