How to hack PS1 Controllers?


I’ve had 3rd Party PS1 controllers in the past that I needed to resell.

A lot of them are usually included in wholesale lots.

I figure that if I hack them and make them appealing, it would make them all sell much easier.

I have no idea how to start with this and would need someone to introduce me into the modding/hacking world.

What hacks could be done on controllers such as GamePad, PiranhaPad, Ascii-Pad, PS ProPad, etc.

How would I go about hacking them?


If you have some Ascii pads, you can sell them, since they’re of generally good quality.
The others, time to crack out that multimeter and start studying pcb traces I guess.


Okay lets go over what is wrong here.

  1. 99.99% of the time, the item in its original condition sells for much more than the same item thats been changed (or hacked or modified).
  2. Buying low and selling high always comes at a risk, assume when you plain your investment you going to loose all the money you will spend.
    You want to hack old pads to learn, that is great, thats awesome. I learned soldering by sitting down with a busted Radio and a Soldering Iron.
  3. What Hacks? that Question is way too general to even begin, start with google and go from where. Read tech sites, look at other peoples hacks here, at Ben Heck, at Hack-a-day.
    You are only limited by your creativity, your knowledge, your skills and the tools and materials you possese.

How would I go about hacking them? It depends widely on what hacks you want done.
Not all hacks are electrical, some completely dive in the realm of modding the plastic case, or swapping parts or whatever.
Lets say for example you want swap out buttons between brand A game pad and Brand B, congrats you have done a hack.


Hi, guys! Can some one please tell me if it’s possible for me to connect the directional signals from a psx pad to a ps360 board without a secondary board like the fgw board.


Yeah you can do this. I’ve seen people connect a DSub cable (such as DB15 or DB25) to a PSX pad and output it into a project box. So you’d basically need a cable + connector with enough wires to carry Ground, VCC (unless you remove the IC you need to treat this as a dual mod), directions, face buttons, 4 shoulders, start and select, so 16 connections. A (fully populated) DB25 cable would work for this. DB15 would almost work but you’d need to leave out one button signal, maybe you could leave out Select and put a button for it on the box holding the PS360. Anyway you’d have your PS360 in a box with a matching opposite-gender connector wired the same way, and on your PSX pad you’d have to solder your wires to connect your cord to the inside, I guess it’d be better to use test points in the middle of the pad rather than directly under the buttons to avoid interfering with their travel.