How to handle dire situations?


Being new to this genre of games I often find myself fighting an uphill battle especially near the end of matches. what mentality should I have when living on a pixel of health? how can I get better at making a comeback victory or at the very least give a good last ditch effort to make a comeback? The only strategy I have at the moment is to never give up and play to the end. Btw I mostly play UMVC3, and please don’t say use xfactor because that is obvious.


One important strategy is SAVING X-factor for that moment, or at least once you’re down to your 2nd character.

When someone X-factors early on me in an attempt to kill off a few characters quick, i know i have an advantage, even if they succeed. My 3rd character will be able to come out beasting with lv3 XFC if done right.

Otherwise, just play your best and accept the loss. Theres a lot of Psychology in fighting games(and everything else in life), and you’d be surprised sometimes how much better you can play when you’ve “accepted” a loss and no longer hindered by the fear of losing.

Furthermore, if the other player had a devastating edge on your early on, and confident their victory is secured, they’ll often get complacent and no longer be on their toes. Making it all the more demoralizing to their composure when they see you making a come back against them despite the initial lead they held.

These are part of the elements that make up a comeback.


Don’t get nervous, or break down, or start to play as if you already lost. Continue to play smart, play defensive, but look for strong opportunities to land a critical hit. Utilize your knowledge of your characters/team, your opponent’s team, and any observations and tendencies that you picked up during the match.


One thing I’ve found helps me handle dire situations is go get a better feel for your basics. It might seem like an off thing to say, as most people want to make flashy comebacks, but remembering the fundamentals helps me win more than thinking how to end it with a hyper combo.

Often times when the match is ending the opponent will get much more rush-down in an attempt to stop any chance you have. Keeping a mind on spacing and counters is a good way to buy those percious moments and needed meter to make your comeback happen. Once you’ve got momentum on your side, don’t lose your head.


Agreed with Average. 90% of my comeback wins are from being patient, and waiting for the opponent’s mistake. Think about it, when the roles are reversed, most of the time people let their guard down, the mindset they have is, “Oh I just need to chip this guy one time and it’s over.” Let them make the mistake, hit 'em where it hurts, then it’ll shock them, and throw 'em off their game.

Before, I used to get into the “winning” mindset, let my guard down. And I would lose, especially in Marvel when it takes one hit + xfactor to kill off an entire team. How many times have you seen Dark Wesker win on his own?? A million lol.


Everyone above is right. Patience is key, you don’t want to lose your cool and rush in recklessly (unless your lv3XF strider with oroboros). You need to stay calm and be able to analyze and address your situation. Also as Average Skyler said remember the fundamentals. Play smart but watch chip damage as many characters can drain your life bar with multiple supers. Also just popping x-factor out of the blue isn’t going to help all the time in any situation. You want to save it for where you can take down a crucial character or when you get a happy birthday or similar situations.


When I usually trigger X factor, its when I land a solid hit or I know I can punish whatever they did. I see a lot of people pop it right off the bat and try to rush down, and while its effective for some people its also an easy way to give away your only chance at winning. Many times I’ve seen people get out wesker and pop his X factor right out of the gate. Which is fine unless your opponent has a decent keep-away.

Then on rematches I’ll wait with my haggar until he gets reckless, the X factor pipe, and the rest is history. Its, as been said, all about patience and keeping your head on straight. If you look for mistakes and find them, then you are already one step ahead of your opponent. If you do it right, you’ll be sprinting out while they are eating your dust/pipes.

Probably the best example: Watch comebackfiend (combofiend) in any major tourney and note how he doesn’t x-factor unless its a garenteed down


Example of this I was watching a few minutes ago. Watch when they pop xfactor the first match:


I couldn’t have put it better myself


Okay thanks guys this pretty useful info. It seems like a comeback in UMVC3 is mostly about patience and knowing when to pop crack factor. I’ll keep that in mind nxt time I play as I often just pop xfactor randomly when I feel the match slipping out of control. But how do u make comebacks in games where there isn’t a blatant comback mechanic like xfactor? Just be patient and wait to punish a whiff or something unsafe on block?


Depends. Theres so much of a variety in games that I can’t specifically say yes or no, but lets take down two more popular games outside of UMVC

SFxT- Plainly, this game is probably the harder of the two to be patient about because of the timer. This, imo, would be an exception to waiting for a slip-up and focuses more around the idea of creating enough pressure to make your opponent choose to leave their safety or be locked down for mix-ups. Knowing the mechanics works very well and your gems make a difference too.

SSF4 - Same as before. Zone the opponent out and force them to take footsie baits. In SSF4 they aren’t as willing to jump in there like crazy unless they are gief/hakan/etc. so be mindful of chip and learn how your character can punish from all ranges. Learn what parts of the screen to avoid and where you are strongest.

In all cases it comes down to knowing the game inside and out.