How to handle losing?


**Nobody **likes to lose at most things especially in fighting games, it is hard to not get destroyed in arcades or online with expert players. It is an awful feeling even if you did all that practice, learned form your mistakes, improve your game and still lo to a better a player. We all want to win but in a fighting game (or any other game for that matter), someone is going to lose. With that said, how to you guys handle losing?


Every single loss I have ever had since i started playing was always about having a learning experience. What moves did I lose to? How did my opponent beat me with them? What can my character do to overcome those challenges??? To NOT get frustrated at this game, you need to rid the scrubby mentality of simply blaming the game, saying turtling is cheap and you should walk forward, no.

My own personal mindset is that there are NO excuses for losing in a fighting game. I’m glad I got into fighting games when I did over how it’s (usually) a 1v1 format, can’t blame other players, can’t blame a bad team-mate it’s all on YOU. Yeah there might be factors like match-ups and all that but it is 100% on the PLAYER to prep for the bad match-ups, the good ones, the 5-5’s, or more if you want a pocket char to counter-pick certain match-ups with. All that knowledge you GAIN from losing time and time again from playing under pressure and playing good players determines whether or not you gain the W or hold that L in a real tournament.

And you know what? From what i hear of alot of top players, you have to respect the game, to LOVE the game. Be it a win, a loss, no matter what. You’ll have to look through the downsides that some people may play “cheap” or so and so, and you just have to take the game as it is…


95% of the time, a lot of subtle hints about the just. BLATANT homosexuality. of my opponent.

The other 5% is putting the match into focus. Thinking carefully about what was giving you problems and how you can deal with it. Practicality wise I find that given that mindset to improve people should never get to uppity, but in practice it happens to all of us. Frustration I find stems from a couple of sources, an inability to quickly conceive of a way to defeat a tactic (das so cheap!), an inability to execute your own tactic (you got so lucky!) or an inability to perceive your situation (he’s just mashing…). When faced against things that are out of our immediate control its natural to lash out at the cause of it all (especially in the cade where you might not get to run it back even if you DID see something) - I suppose just keep in mind that there are things you can do, even if its not right at that moment. Ultimately you just have to take your time and recognize it as a learning situation. As they say, “A not totally made up and very high percentage of our learning in life is done through failure”. I’m guessing 40 batillon.


Id say the best way to deal with loses is to have a laid back approach to the game. Whenever you are playing just make sure that you remember that you are playing first and foremost for your own enjoyment, this should not stem simply from winning but from playing. Don’t go into matches with the expectation that you are better than any given player, if you go in expecting yourself to easily win against an opponent it makes losing that much worse. Something that goes along with this is just being easy on yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you lose, it will make your playing worse and just add a level of stress you don’t need to your future games (it also won’t make you any better). Just accept you are going to lose, a lot. Its really not that bad if you can just roll with it. If someone starts beating you repeatedly then you’ll be able to start experimenting and seeing if you can come up with a game plan that leads to victory. This is what leads to improvement, and eventually, winning. Just relax and remember you aren’t the only one that has ever lost, anyone who is any good at any of these games has lost plenty…


send hateful xbox live messages and use that hate to make you play better!




So. Salty. lol.


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I think it’s childish to use homosexuality as an insult. That’s like using something racist or sexist as an insult.

Anyway, there’s really no point being really mad when you lose. Want to know why you lost? Someone outplayed you. I don’t care if he/she did wake up Ultra, mashed buttons with Dark Phoenix, did st. jab pressure in SFxT, etc. Whatever they did, you couldn’t beat it. You just have to learn from the experience and get better. If you think you’re the best, win tournaments. Otherwise, take the losses and learn from them.


Learn from it and try to avoid doing whatever you did that caused you to lose anymore.


Win or lose, every match is a learning experience. If you go in with that mindset, you’ll never be driven crazy by a loss.


Or you can just mash next fight out of pure rage.


Throw a hissy fit, also your controller.


Pillow, face, aargh.


This is the early stages of saltitus. This is how it SHOULD go for every new player:

  1. Practice your game.
  2. Now you think you’re hot shit.
  3. Show up to an offline casual or tournament session.
  4. Go 0-2.
  5. Get sad, mad, all that shit, but hopefully you get motivated.
  6. Repeat steps 1-3
  7. Win your first match.
  8. Pop off. Preferably insult their lack of ability, hygiene, looks, or mental intelligence. Insulting their family members, both immediate and extended, is not encouraged, but accepted.
  9. Proceed to go 1-2 in the tournament.

Rinse and repeat until you win money.

On a serious note, if you get outplayed by a better player, you got outplayed. It just means you gotta step your shit up, practice harder, and add his name on the list of people you can beat. Nobody became a better player because they were happy all the time.

Get mad, get driven, and get to training.


Go back to a game you run the hood in so you get your confidence back. When I lose a lot, I play a few rounds of Halo and feel better immediately. Haha.


chuckle and roll your eyes.


If I play online and I’m only loosing I’m start with being sad, then salty then I’m getting mad nad if I want to throw out my PS3/AS trough the window I don’t play anymore that day sometimes even for few days.

If its offline play then it’s easier to handle in most cases because when I play with people I know most of them just try to point what I did good, what bad and I can handle a lot more loosing :wink: Also my favorite sparring partners always try to cheer me up when I start to be salty ^^


Figure out the best way to murder someone through sheer mental willpower.


Reasonable expectations. When I first started off and could not win a round for the life of me, I made small goals against my opponents. It started very basic with things like “don’t get perfected”, then “take him down to at least half”, and finally “steal one round from him.”

I’ve gotten to the point now where a reasonable expectation is that I have a chance to win any fight if I play my cards right, even if the deck is stacked against me. But that took a long time playing to get there. Beating myself up over losing to incredible players back when I had a 10% shoryuken accuracy rate simply wasn’t productive.