How to handle people who tech throws all the time?



I really should know this by now but I don’t. We have a mix of good and casual players here and I always struggle with players who can tech my throw attamepts consistently. Because Deejay doesn’t have an overhead, what moves can I use to screw with their throw tech? Did I read that st. mk is a good option?


delay your block strings to create frame traps.
ie cr lp st mk cr lp cr mp
st mk st hp

cr lp walk back cr hp or st hp

check the forums for more; they are buried


Hey dude, thanks, I found the thread but was wondering if some of the stuff was out of date and didn’t want to drag up old thread.

So looking at these combos…

cr lp DELAY st mk cr lp cr mp
st mk DELAY st hp

…that look ok? If so, what sort of delay would you recommend?

I’ll be a tournament on Sunday (lost in GF last time) and want to beat a Sim player without resorting to Ryu. If I can catch him early to show I’m beating his techs, I think* I can take him.


delay strings

cr. jab cr. jab is the best block string we have, technically we can be grabbed out of the rest.


so cr. jab cr.jab delay


I use that or cr.jab cr.jab delay cr.jab/throw