How to handle pressure?


Hey so consistently in matches that I play with Ryu , i’m still learning the game so I don’t know if it applies to other characters, I end up getting backed into the corner by my opponent. It probably would be hard to give specific advice without some visual representation of me playing but I was wondering if there was any like tips or obvious things to do when your opponent is rushing you down/ going on offense/ applying pressure in general to avoid always being pushed into the corner?


Are they jumping at you? SHORYUKEN!

Moving Forward? Cr. Mk XX HADOOKEN

They sitting full screen? Throw out some HADOOKENS. Just dont get predictable with em since it’ll allow them to just get up in your face with ease.

You get knocked down? Block, throw, srk, etc.

If you have a video of you playing it would be easier to see why you’re being thrown into the corner.


What I have learned in my experience from playing people is that they tend to fall into two categories. The first is the one we all start out in. It is basically us doing moves because we have some vision of how we think the game should be, or maybe we are just trying to do anything. The main thing to realize is that we have little control. This is why we were very susceptible to other players using our own reactions against us. For example, if you play Ryu and are a newbie, I can probably just walk at you and you will either turtle and I will throw you endlessly, or you will start jumping at me, doing DP’s etc. at which point I will just anti air you and bait out all your unsafe attacks. Most online players never progress past this stage. They just fall into some patterns that work for the competition they are up against most of the time and they are happy.

The second group are the players who think. They seek to understand the game, and know what to do and when. Now what makes these players special, aside from the fact that they actually know what they are doing, is that they are not as susceptible to unconscious manipulation, like the first group is. Because they are able to realize that their anxiety is their worst enemy because their opponents can use it against them, they learn to tame it, and approach their in-game decisions cold and calculating. Strive to be in the second group. So as you progress through the game, make it your habit to do things out of logic and your well trained and conditioned, but thoughtful understanding of the game, not because of patterns and emotion.

I say this because when you said you just find yourself in the corner, it sounds to me like you start in one place, then don’t know how you got to the other. That unconscious disconnect, is a sure sign of emotion. As a new player it is expected, and your knowledge will be poor. But this is WHERE you need to start overriding your tendencies to just go with your instincts NOW, and recondition them.


the answer is…



Like Joshkaz says, don’t underestimate the effectivity of the hadoken as a close range attack. Crouching Normals cancelled into Hadokens are great in the corner if you need to make a little elbow room.

If a player has you in the corner, he wants to keep you there, so keep an eye out for sweeps, jump ins and grabs, changing your level accordingly.


Here’s some stuff…

  1. learn the shimmy. You can see heavy shimmy action in the Daigo vs John Choi evo 2014 match.
  2. learn to sweep punish wiffs
  3. you can’t give up all your ground for free. even if you have no intention of going in on your opponent. you have to walk forward to let them know you won’t just walk back to the corner.
  4. pressing crouch medium kick is all you need to push people backwards, use it to take back some of the space you have given up. if they jump it, you get a free dp which lets you take more space.
  5. jumping over your opponent to escape getting cornered before you actually get cornered is a viable option. Once you actually are cornered, you opponent will be waiting for that.
  6. if you get a sweep, corpse hop to switch sides. ryu corpse hops with light tatsu. corpse hopping is crossing over a knocked down opponent with special moves or normals
  7. remember to use combos that correctly. if you are in the corner and you hit a combo, try to end it in sweep so you can corpse hop your opponent into the corner. If you are in the middle of the screen and you land a combo, try ending it with medium tatsu to push your opponent into his/her corner, which results in you having plenty of space for retreating.
  8. if your opponent is so relentless that they don’t care if they take a little damage, sweeping them is an optimal trade to take. it lets you corpse hop or cross up if you need to…
  9. if your opponent simply won’t respect your dp and will constantly go in, take the risk and mash out a couple fierce dp’s. 2 of them are 320 damage. A third of your opponent’s life is usually enough to slow them down.


Thanks everyone for posting in here i’m unable to post a video of me playing at this point because I cant connect to steam and play online for a bit.