How to handle that emo bastard

Seems like we’re on character specific strats in this section so here goes.

Most Remy’s I play are not a huge challenge for me to deal with but there is this one Remy I always dread facing. I feel like the Remy vs Akuma matchup should be in Akuma’s favor but could you folks tell me why exactly that is and what kinds of dynamics can be abused to win the day? It almost feels like parrying LoVs put you at a disadvantage. Should I be trying to get in his face all the time cuz good Remys seem to use this to their advantage.
… feel free to join in anytime Pherai, lol.

haha ok might as well just post it here. Just to preface, I barely get to fight Remy players, so I’m no expert on this matchup by a long shot. I have played guys like DaggerG and Pierrot before though for what its worth…

I feel like the first important thing is to remember Remy is a low tier character with defense and stun actually as low as yours. There’s no reason to rush anything here. All your combos really hurt, and almost all of his don’t really hurt. Remy wins by keepaway, so if you go after him and keep running into LoV’s and his pokes you’re playing his game. I think its best to play cautious and wait for your big opportunities cause they pay off a lot. If you have a significant enough life lead, theres no reason to keep going after him. With your air hadous, demon flips, air tatsu’s, you can play keepaway just as well as him.

If you need to close to gap on Remy, I think its important to approach in varying ways so its harder for him to defend. RH Demon flip on reaction to an LoV works pretty well. Unless they are prepared for it you’ll probably land right in his face with a mixup for him to deal with. If you want a more cautious approach, UOH moves you forward and dodges low LoV’s, while you duck under high LoV’s. I feel like the good ol SJ to close the gap is the riskiest way to close the gap in this situation. You’d think practically it’d be better than demon flip cause you can parry but I feel like the slower startup on SJ makes it easier for Remy to anti air.

And yeah, I think its better to not parry LoV’s sometimes. Since Gouki is a shoto, forward parry actually moves you backwards, so its kinda counter productive.

If Remy is attacking you, theres a couple things you should keep in mind…
-It’s hard for Remy to do big damage off a low attack. In the corner he can hit confirm low LoV to sa2, but otherwise isn’t really hit confirmable, doesn’t lead into anything, and c.rh is parry bait.
-Remy’s offense is pretty poke oriented. If he isn’t up close, you can parry forward without fear of him canceling into anything. Also with anybody who abuses poke strings, sometimes just a random srk or tatsumaki can fuck their whole offense up
-Remy is gonna go for throw more in the corner since the pay off is better.
-If Remy does high LoV on your wakeup you can do on your wakeup and beat it clean

That’s all I can think of for now

Another thing…

Demon flips are strong in this match since Remy is tall, but he has one good tool in this situation if you let him use it. His c.hp beats demon flips that hit below Remy’s waist very well for Remy’s strongest meterless combo (worse if you’re cornered or the Remy player can charge partition like a boss).

Also be like Kuroda


Jeeeeeze, wish I could say something, since I’m a pretty decent remy player… But Pherai pretty much covered it. Good shit man.

But yeah, one thing I’ll add is that you should definitely be careful with parrying the LoV’s. I actually love my options with a parried LoV. Its a gamble, but since there’s a lot you can do, I feel its in remy’s favor.

If you bait or parry Remy’s rising flash his land animation has him ducked so he won’t get hit by your BnB. You will need to use combos that hit ducked characters to punish him.

Nice to have a remy player commenting

ShinAkuma204 have we played each other on XBL? Not sure if it was you or someone with a name close to yours.

Clayman and MrRoboto where you at!?

Good shit as always jonpolice. It was worth the wait mate!

In that Kuroda video you see him rush that Remy down like it was nothing. Kuroda is a very cautious player who usually turns the rush down on and off. That whole match hes in rush down mode and that Remy player doesn’t do anything.

However, I’ve got my ass wooped by being in rush down mode and by playing cautiously like Pherai stated. I think Remy has the advantage when mid screen and when he has you in the corner. That would mean the only time you really have options is up close or him in the corner. Remy is hard to punish because he has such a small hit box. You need to strip your tatsus out of this match up because he can simply duck under the entire thing. Also, you have to punish with the mk tatsu to mp dp or hk tatsu. I like to use the hk tatsu especially in this match up do to Remys wonky hit box. The second hit of the hk tatsu hits early and has Remy drop to the floor right in front of you. Its hard for him to quick stand and keeps him right where you want him. You can also try cr mk into hadoken to push him into the corner but dont use it to much. Basically try to close the gap when possible and force him into the corner asap.

Once you have him in the corner you pretty much won. Just meaty air hadou him as there arent many options for him here. He cannot wake up with the flash kick and hes going to probably try and throw you into the corner. So bait out those throws and punish him. Remember if your quick and he gets you into the corner you can hk demon flip out. Just use every safe tool at your disposal to get him into the corner than start taking risks.

I think we have played.