How to Handle...

Balrog? I can’t seem to handle him at all with sakura…seems almost impossible to beat him.

thats cause he’s really good lol. to beat rog i would say u gotta be really good at footsies. sakura doesnt really have much for him. u just gotta try to focus hit sweep and st rh, and the dash punches and then stay on top of him

U1 works well against Rogs, I pop it on any dash punches lol… and focus a bunch, bait the headbutt and punish …

yeah focus back dash the dash punches then hp. shory. Use your air shunpu’s and s.rh and cr.hp for jump in attacks. If he turtles(lol “if”) apply pressure and use your flower kick.

Once I have a Balrog down I cross jump Balrog (sometimes multiple times to make sure he can’t charge). If you’re on a lifelead he most likely will try to attack and by cross jumping the only moves he could do is spam low punch or do his headbutt. Because you’re jumping most Balrog’s will use their headbutt. Bait, punish and make sure they end up on the floor again. Mix your cross up with an occasional jump Hard Punch and you’re halfway. The rest of the match all you have to do is bait and read him very well.

Two things I learned about Rog is not to OST a lot on wakeup because a good Rog will EX overhead into another knockdown.

Also, meaty standing lk will stuff a wakeup non EX headbut. Use that as you will.

Tatsu’s will armour break ex dash punches/stuff normal ones, or you can throw him out of them. Focus is most definitely your friend in this match up as said above.

Focus attacks… standing roundhouse

cr mk , fierce srk if mk hits fierce srk will follow up…
balrogs seem to crouch allot so I use overheads… eventhough its risky it seems to hit well often.