How to hit Blanka out of electricity?



This is probably a dumb question, but I never learned how.
I play K groove so I can’t roll cancel. Anyway, the situation is usually something like this. I’m not raged, and blanka is right in front of my face doing his electricity. He’s so close that, for example, moving forward will get me zapped. And the blocking means that I can’t move back.

In that space, most things that would beat it like a sweep, will get hit because my character moves forward before attacking, right into the electricity. My question is, what things can hit him for:


Thanks. Most of the time a cannon spike hits, but sometimes it trades. I don’t know what happens with that.


All characters can throw him. This is a good thing to remember for the hop-happy RC Pikachu Blanka players. For Blanka and Vega, you can hop/flip kick back to distance yourself first before attacking.


Wow. I didn’t know that. Thank you very much for the tip.


yo i use p-groove and parrying that shit is useless cause they just mash on fierce and keep doing it till i mess up
plus rc electricity on wake up on p is almost unstoppable as far as i kno cause my options are limited as to what i can do when i get up if i cone have a grab super i just get mass cheezed and guard break …

btw my team is terry/yamazaki,kyo and geese in p-groove (and yes i kno geese can counter it and i kno i can dragon it im looking for other options)


Dunno how well this would work, but you could also try backdashing, since that seems to bypass blocking. Dunno, though.


What about when your in the corner?I just started playing some new people and one of his strats is to get me knocked down in the corner and spam electricity.Theres nothing I can do because like Burghy Im not raged either.?


Yo, do parry (one hit), then dp with Kyo or power dunk/rising tackle with Terry. Geese can parry, then counter.

I’m actually relectutant to do meaty electricity against P-groove because they can escape like that. Because electricity doesn’t hit continuously, it’s not like it’s an evilly difficult one frame parry window or anything either. It’s actually quite practical to escape with a wake up parry.

Try that out and your cheese problems will go down considerably I guarantee it.


Kill that green oversized Pikachu.


i play with zangife p-groove…so on a wake up i just pary the first hit and then do 360 super…makes the player look dumb:p


You don’t even need to parry, I found out gief could just 360 them out of electricity the painful way:(


everyone keeps saying to throw or dp, but ive seen dps, AND lvl 3 supers straight up pass thru meaty RC electrics as well as dps and lvl 3s with less start up invincibility get HIT BY RC electrcity. also, to my knowledge i have never seen RC electricity thrown (and i have decent comp). do you guys just mean throw as soon as you see blanka dash at you and before the electricity animation starts, because thats the only possible way i can see that option working.


You can throw after you see the animation, but the timing is pretty strict, considering Blanka’s gonna mix it up slightly. It’s possible to throw, but people make it seem like it’s easier than it is. I’ve said it before but people think I’m crazy or a scrub, but nobody should try to DP it. It just doesn’t make sense in practical situations


For P, I parry into throw. I’ve had a lot of success with this. Don’t keep parrying, just one parry is good enough.


What I usually do is stab the guy playing Blanka. That USUALLY works, but once I stabbed myself, and once the guy punched me after I stabbed him. You can use anything pointy that’s nearby, I used one of those things to get meat off the grill once.